laff no. 2 coming up

Afternoon guys!

Brr, it`s gone chilly again, after 2 days of glorious warm sunshine.

So, here`s what occured this morning;

Hubby had gone for weekly grocery shop at Asda (yes, ok, Tesco, Sainsbury`s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Aldi and Lidl can have a mention too, so no-one sues me), and Bev, my morning carer was here.

In our back garden, we have a large wooden based plant bed, which has yielded us potatoes and strawberries, but no longer, as it is very much favoured by the felines in our area…as a public litter tray! This is much to little Lucys annoyance. They sit on the fence looking down at her, with a look that says, You yappy little dog, you can`t get me from there``, before they saunter on as if they own the street. She goes bonkers charging up and down the drive, wishing she had a catapult to fire missiles at the beasts! Sorry to you cat lovers!

So, back to the bed area…Id asked hubby to remove the topsoil and put gravel on it and I would add my various garden ornaments to look at. So he did that yesterday, despite his aching feet and knees due to his dratted RA. But er indoors` (me) kept nagging him to do the job. Poor lad, he fetched and carted and distributed 10 bags of stones. I thought it would take 2 or 3! Huh! Then he painted the whole thing…looked lovely!

So, he was out this morning, when I decided I wanted to arrange the ornaments…I dont have any gnomes, by the way! Well the rotary washing dryer was full of stuff and I steered my way through it all, with a cute little 3 doggy ornament that says Welcome. On the way back, i got caught up in the towels and in an effort to free myself, didnt look where I was steering and within a trice, the whole damned thing fell on top of me! I tried to push it back, but the main pole was twisted and bent. I shouted for bev to rescue me. I knew hubby wouldnt be at all pleased with me, so I said Quick. Take it down for me and hide it behind the garage.

She obliged and we giggled at what i`d done. Then we put the indoor airer on the deck and I hung the washing on it.

Hubby came home, just as I was doing it. He looked to where it should be hanging and I jumped in saying, Oh I thought the garden would look nicer without the dryer. he smiled and said, Yes, love, it does!

He hasnt found the broken airer behind the garage........yet! I expect ill have to own up sometime!

Innit a chuff…cos there was a time when I couldve done it all by myself without a problem. Chuffin` thing this SP is!

luv Pollx

Very funny Poll I enjoyed that.

Moyna xxx

That did make me smile. I would have hidden it too.

Me too! I’m always trying to cover up my attempts at independence that go wrong! Sara x

Hee Hee good un Poll! luv Linda x

nice one Poll! I was worried for a minute the punchline was going to be you upside down having driven into the planter!

Fingers crossed for a high wind that can knock down the drier and bend it then you can really deny all knowledge!

Cat`s out of the bag!

Hubby was in a good mood this morning and went to buy some solar lights for the new re-vamped boxed area.

He placed them where he wanted them and smiled at how nice they looked.

Here was my opportunity to own up to my mishap.

I just said, Ill tell you now why the airer isnt in situ. I killed it yesterday when placing the ornaments on the new box.`

He asked if I`d run over it and I said I had.

He just said he`d take a look at it,.

10 minutes later, the airer was back in its rightful place, with its bent centre pole straightened out, looking as if nowt had occured!

Phew! Another problem caused by my SP sorted!

luv Pollx

All’s well that ends well hey Poll.Now, if you had some gnomes you could have blamed them.

Wb x

That’s some hubby that you’ve got there Poll! Sounds like a real saint, does he have a brother?!

He certainly does have a brother…but Id warn you to keep well away from him hun........had 3 wives, who knows how many mistresses, 3 divorces, 3 kids he hardly knows and still thinks hes God`s gift! Luckily he lives thousands of miles away!

luv pollxxx

Thank you for making me giggle, I’m the girl that has just been running round the living room with a piece of kitchen roll trying to mop up the evidence of the tea splashes (I truly am living up to my Mrs Overall nickname, from another forum, right now!)

Oh polllx my hubby has alot of mishaps tohave to get you some L plates for your wheelchairglad everythings ok good job you didnt hurt yourself xxx julie

Ta all! I tried to transfer myself from commode to wheelie, via the ceiling hoist yesterday and got in a right old pickle. Had to shout hubby to rescue me. I should carry a public health warning! Hubby says he wants danger money with me around.

luv Pollx