La la la twiddle thumbs waiting...

The title says it really but saw neurologist in May/June, another one in August, waiting to see first one again, had MRI two weeks ago so now I just have to wait and see if an appointment or results or an appointment with results appears! (Keep being told “phone in another few days and check” for the appointment!). So I thought I’d twiddle my thumbs here.

This is after about 2/3 years to get to this point. Ho hum. Still smiling! (Bit of a grimace haha)

hi yellow dahlia it is obscene that you have been left in an agony of waiting. pester the living daylights out of the receptionist, phone every day! keep on visiting the brain fog thread, it’s mad, mental and thoroughly good therapy. carole x

The nhs is a joke I had an mri in May still haven’t got results was told it will be around December before they can see me even though they told me they upgraded my referral to urgent after they looked at my mri results… learn to be patient

I will certainly come and keep entertained with the Brain Fog thread Carole! laugh

Perhaps this can be a place to growl, celebrate the arrival of appointments or generally be patient… impatient together lol! I’d love to know how others are doing in the waiting ‘room’ or to hear the little victories (watching Porridge so can’t help the quote)!

Better get to brain fog thread now - just had to edit twice!

Maybe their should be a form headed ‘the waiting room’. For everyone who is awaiting answers.

Now that’s a good idea… we can throw in some scruffy old magazines too… what else?

Cancel at the last min or… Find out nothing at a long awaited appointment, oh and then find ways to tell work and loved ones how it’s all good and it’s not a problem at all. Because obviously we are staying positive and nothing will get us down.

what would be good, really good in the ‘waiting room’. Would be a good hot cuppa, complete with answers, oh and no brain fog at the moment you could ask questions, as well as the ability to take everything in.

It sounds like you’re also having a fun waiting time?

But I’m loving the what would be goods! Still haven’t got my appointment or results here.

Woohoo got appointment through today for early December!

Woo hoo indeed Dahlia. At last.


I’m glad it’s not too far off but having a date somehow seems more tortuous waiting lol!

These few weeks seem like the longest ever!! And that’s with having had months of waiting already!

That’s all… reeeeally dragging and just want info now.