know if should see gp but need opinions.

Hi all new lurker of a long time here!! I will give a brief history as I am getting the courage to go to the gp and wanted to speak to you all as I’m really frightened. 3 years ago I joined a gym and during time with the trainer she said have you had an injury as you really learn and keep going to the left. I didn’t think anything of it and laughed it off. Last summer I got increasing headaches, I’ve always suffered so didn’t think anything of it again. Then odd things started happening. I got strange goosebumps on my left arm but they were in patches and really felt intense when they came on. They lasted a few weeks then went. Around October /November I got a twitch on my face, it looked like I was doing elvis impressions and this lasted about 3 minutes each time and again after a week or so went. Now this week my left leg has been getting the goosebumps and my left arm feels heavy, I can move it normally but it feels like I’ve had a local anaesthetic inside it if that makes sense. I also get this weird sensation of the ends of my toes are wet but they aren’t if that also makes sense. I get periods of intense fatigue and other times I feel great, just odd symptoms like a twitch here or there. My mum’s cousin had ms and I’m not sure if it runs in family’s. I’m worried I may have a brain tumour and be barking up the wrong tree, but these symptoms are so random and come and go. I’m also worried about seeing the gp as I’ve been seeing them the past year for gastrointestinal issues so don’t want them to think I’m going again and again. I have had the most stressful few years you could imagine so I’m worried it’s stress showing up in a funny way but I have this feeling there’s more to it than stress :frowning:

Good luck with biting the bullet and making an appointment to see the GP. No use letting worry fester away in the dark where it can thrive, unchallenged - it’s always best to let some light in. Those 0400 worries have a way of shrivelling and vanishing when they are held up for scrutiny. But it takes courage to take that step, and I hope that you can steel yourself to do it.


Hi, just tel your GP about the problems as you have told us.

I dont think they are trivial, and should be investigted.

Just because they treated you for stomach problems, it doesnt bar you from other conditions/tests and examinations.

Good luck hun.

luv Pollx