Hi again,

Sorry, I forgot to ask in my other post about keyboards. I work in admin and I use a keyboard seven hours a day or more. I have been having some real problems with my hands lately, including stiffness weakness and pain making it really difficult to type.

I’ve had some steroids for my relapse but my. Neuro has warned me that this might be another symptoms that lingers hence next step dmd’s.

I just wanted some ides on what keyboards other use, my tablet is a touch screen which I find easier but I have been asked to look into any ways work can help for a meeting next week, ( I think I scared my boss As I collapsed on the desk etc etc).

Any ideas or places to get help would be great thanks!

Apologies for the irratic writing and if it makes no sense I’m still in the steroid haze!!


Becky x

I used a keyboard wrist support which helps keep the wrist/hand in a level position. Is your screen set at the right level as posture is important too. I find screen set to eye level works best for me. Even chair height can affect your arms and hands so make sure your chair is set correctly for you. When my fingers get tired I take a break and wrap my hands round a nice hot drink which eases the stiffness. The dreaded Health and Safety have lots of advice for those working with computers!

Hi Becky

I would recommend asking your employer for a new ergonomic keyboard with wrist support for you to try - there are plenty on the market and chances are there will be one that helps you. Google ‘ergonomic keyboards’ (and ergonomic mice), and you’ll get an idea of what’s available.

This can be classed as a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act 2010 and is quick and easy to implement.

Where I work, if someone requests an ergonomic keyboard we start with the Microsoft Natural keyboard, but it’s up to the person to tell us what works and what doesn’t. If the Natural keyboard doesn’t work or isn’t suitable, we’ll bring in a vaariety of others for people to try. Same with mice - we have vertical mice, joystick mice, touchpads etc.

If you’re using it all day, make sure you also take regular breaks and as others have said there’s now some excellent voice recognition software available and a combination of software and ergonomic keyboard (with any other changes you think off), should really help you.


Thanks Garry, I’ll Google the keyboards now,

I already use a wrist gel Dinks and have a rollerball mouse too but its still causing probs but the voice recognition software sounds a great idea Jen, it might be a problem talking aloud in an office thou but I am going to ask if I can work from home on some days so maybe I can get it for home?

Thanks all for the fab advice, I’m going googling now! X

I also use an ergonomic keyboard and the only way anyone will get it away from me is through my cold dead clawed hands - it also a Microsoft one. I got used to it after an hour and now I find typing on a normal keyboard to be awkward.

Good luck