Using a computer for work

I’m very fortunate that I do a desk job but I’ve been struggling a lot with tired arms while typing and using the mouse. It gets to the point where I just can’t continue.

I know there is dictation software I can use. Has anyone got any advice?

What type of work are you doing on computer?
Reports, email, data entry, spreadsheet / finance etc?
More reading / typing / navigation?
Desk-bound or do you move around?
Open plan or office / quiet area?
Desktop or laptop? If laptop, do you have separate keyboard / mouse / additional monitor / wrist rest? Chair adjustability? Armrests?

Talk to HR / Occupational health about an ergonomic assessment on your workstation and peripheral activities. They may be able to make some enhancements.

Lots of dictation & reader software available - start with the Accessibility options within Windows & Office.

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