Wanted; Technical expertise

Hi Peeps I am now at the point where I’m struggling to use my laptop, My problem is my inability to reach out to use my fingers on the keys. I would be interested to know if Anyone has tried, with some success, a system called iPortal Which allows you to control your computer or iPhone using the joystick on your power chair? Any other suggestions would be very welcome Thank you guys Lizzi

Hi, I`m not affected by this, but as you had no replies, I thought I would bump you back to the front page.

I have seen posts from people here, who use certain devices when their hands dont work.

Hope someone else can help.


Would voice recognition (that allows you control your PC/Laptop verbally instead of typing) be usable for you?

(…I know that many people - myself included - have real issues with verbal control, so this kind of software wouldn’t be much use if you have trouble speaking clearly, strongly and steadily !!)

Sounds like a much cheaper possible alternative ?


Not tried Iportal but their are lots of options. Large key wireless keyboards to place nearer to you. Voice recognition software is very good with a clear voice. Lots of options so worth shopping around. All the best Neil


my wife who has ppms, has had a lot of help from north west assisted technology(?) based in Liverpool.

0151 529 5484.If you are not in the north I am sure they will redirect you.

hope this help



Voice recognition software it is so much better than it used to be.

Atrackball mouse they are rreally good and don’t require much effort to move and control them.

I also purchased a touch keyboard wasn’t cheap but has enabled me to enjoy using my computer again.

I use all of the above since my hands have become weaker.

Hope this helps