Mouse alternatives

Hi folks

Just wondering if any of you have a suggestion for a usable alternative to a computer mouse. My manual deterioration seems to be in overdrive at the moment . I find clicking a bit hit or miss- I think I’ve clicked, wait for ages and then realise I haven’t. Also I can’t really feel the scroll wheel. I use this a lot in my music software, and I need to keep doing music to keep me sane.

There are lots of different devices on the market, so it would be nice to hear from you if you have experience of any of them



Hi KKev

I wonder if speech recognition software would make it easier for you? Someone I know, who has a vision problem, has a special software whereby she does everything using the keyboard, but for the life of me, I can’t think of the name.

Sorry, not much use, hopefully someone will know. I use a mouse rest, which is a pad that my wrist lays on, because it is painful, but I still have to click.

Hope someone has the magic answer for you, take care.

Pam x

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I have been thinking about that Pam, but for writing documents ( and forum posts, come to that!). But for my music software it’s more a case of pushing virtual buttons and sliders, like a big studio mixing desk.

There are apps now for the ipad where you can interface with a PC and control software remotely, but even using a tablet touch screen is becoming a bit of an issue.

The search continues.

K x

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Hi Kev have you seen the larger trackball mice thingies maybe worth a look

was the first I found on google


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So sorry if I’ve misunderstood this issue, but I thought Kev’s problem was clicking mouse buttons, rather than moving the mouse ?

(…I too can no longer move my fingers quick enough or firmly enough to operate mouse buttons , but actually moving a mouse is OK so far!!)

I too would be interested in suggestions.

In the meantime, I’m using a laptop rather than a desktop as I seem to deal better with a trackpad rather than a normal mouse.

Please forgive me if I’ve misunderstood the problem !!

Hope someone can suggest a way round this (…I can’t speak for Kev, but I’m already typing slowly with just my left-hand and moving the mouse/using trackpad with my left-hand …having always been right-handed pre-MS !!)



I think some speech recognition software have commands as well. I don’t know much about it but worth checking out. I googled ‘speech recognition software’ and some interesting links came up inc one by Microsoft.

Hope you find something that helps. Must be very frustrating!

Pat xx

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Dom is right, the issue is more to do with clicking rather than moving. And likewise, I do manage a bit better with my laptop touchpad. I still don’t think voice recognition would help with music software, for one thing there would be complications regarding the demands on the sound interface from different applications, and of course if I’m mixing a project over the speakers that’s going to confuse the heck out of voice recognition!

So googling further I have found this excellent BBC article

and think I might try something like this

or even a USB touch pad like a laptop one.

I’m getting a visit from OT on Tuesday to review our general situation, so will ask for advice on this.


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Would any of these be any good for you, Kev ?



i was looking at some of those, and am tempted. Certainly a lot cheaper than the pistol grip thing I put a link to. Thanks Dom.