Computer Mouse

I’ve got this far! the mouse has packed in and I’m using another old one (which is useless).Until I break the piggy bank and get a new one I am forced to avoid using my home pc . I use a trackball at work which I find OK.

Any suggestions as to a more ergomic type of mouse before I purhase?



Personally, I use cheap wired optical mice from a supermarket or similar. (ASDA are just right - and cheap.)
Forearm flat on the desk, hand dropped over mouse, fingers lying along the top.
I don’t click (or roll the scroll wheel) with a fingertip, but with the middle pad of a finger.
Small lateral movements are made with the wrist, large movements use the upper arm to move the forearm.

This works for me - but we are all different. More - our use is different. I do a lot of photo-editing, and not so much writing these days, and I am right-handed. I think that getting a left-handed track-ball could be very difficult (I believe that the choice is now down to one make), while my technique can work for either hand.

I used a trackball years ago (big ball for the right thumb, three piano keys for the fingers) and I still have it - works through a 9-pin serial port - but I have never seen a left handed version.

I have just Googled and found an “ambidexterous” trackball from Kensington, at a price that is close to the A3 printer that I have just got. For me, the ergonomics would be terrible (bit then, most so-called ergonomic devices are designed by people who do not know what the word means).

In the end: “yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice”.


Hi At work I deal with staff who require ergonomic equipment for PCs. I would always say.try before you buy. There are Touchpad, Rollerball, Trackball & many other configurations. If you can visit a local retailer then I would. Prices vary as much as styles. I personally prefer a touchpad for comfort. Neil

Hi Geoff and Neil,

I’m planning on going to Curry’s. Plenty of food for thought !

I’m typing this from my work PC, I really want to get a new Mouse or whatever sort of gadget that is best for me.

I think the local libraries need to take on board changing their hardware. Not that i’m trying to stir things up or anything, there was mention of them using APPLE devices which I believe is on hold…Economic Climate or something


I use a small wireless optical mouse - Logitech M305 to be precise.

I have smallish hands so like a mouse that I can ‘hold’ with my arm of the desk, and click/roll with my middle pad of my index finger. Just as Geoff describes. I can get a pain in the middle of my hand, on the top of it, if I have to use a mouse that is too big. You’re supposed to hold your arm up in the air, but I can’t do that!

I also have painful finger joints, which is why I’m careful with mouse clicking etc.

It’s definitely worth looking at all sorts of different mice to work out what works best for you - Currys/PC World are good for letting you see how they feel. Not sitting at a desk, but it’s a start! You could ask a salesperson to let you use one of the mice on a computer.

I’d also pay Maplins a visit. They are not big and flashy with lots of marketing budget, but they really do know their business so I’d trust their advice. I’m not sure if they sell mice, though. Local Disability centres may be able to help you find somewhere that lets you try before your buy too.

If you use a computer then having a ‘bad’ mouse for you is a very painful thing!

Ironically, I’m off mouse shopping with my boyfriend tomorrow, but can’t give him any advice as he needs mice that are no good for me!

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