I can’t be the only one to have difficulty in activating the high icon keys on the key board, one finger on SHIFT key and the need for another on !"£$%^&@ or what ever. Obviously, I can do it, but It’s a challenge as my right hand is very uncooperative.

I thought I had solved the problem when I found a small but very heavy fishing weight. My idea was that I could place it on the shift key and it would hold it down whilst I pressed what ever other key I wanted. Not a chance, it would need to weigh the same as a brick to be heavy enough. Has any one got a clever idea or is the solution to get an ipad, which for me isn’t, as I tend to mess things up on that as my hands randomly wipe over it and change every thing!

Are there any brilliant suggestions out there? I’d love to hear.


Blooming right hand wouldn’t cooperate with anything yesterday, kept pressing buttons, washing machine, nothing happened. I have a strap on today and I am going to put it in a sling so I don’t use it at all. Hopefully the right side might feel a bit better tomorrow. It is very frustrating. I sat talking to a lady of a certain age yesterday telling me about her poorly carpol tunnel, I held my dead hand up to her and she just went ‘Oh’!

Made me giggle, some years ago I used to give up and pick up things with my toes. Now my stupid toes don’t work!!! Phhht.

hiya sorry but i dont have a magic answer other than rely on the understanding of others! and thats variable! i use one finger on my non-dominant hand. i can manage ! with thumb and finger but if a symbol is too far for my span then it doesnt happen. these days (as i am fairly ?!) physically challenged those that understand how much effort it takes me to type anything then picking fault with capitals and grammar is not even on their radar-i hope! ellie

I presume you’re using a laptop or PC. I sometimes use a laptop with a separate keyboard which makes typing easier for me. My keyboard has shift keys on both sides as most keyboards do, if not all. I just tried it an found that with my left thumb on the right shift key I can comfortably reach % with my left little finger, and even $ at a stretch. With my left thumb on the left shift key I can reach & with my left index finger, but it’s a bit of contortion. Using my little finger I can manage the same on the laptop keyboard.

I know it’s not intuitive to work cross-handed, but you may find that you can do all the non-alphanumeric characters with one hand. Other than that, it’s a shame that Caps Lock only does upper case letters. A proper Shift Lock like they have on typewriters would be useful.


I use a Mac but I am certain the same facility is available on Windows PC’s.

The option is called ‘Sticky Keys’ and it will enable you to press the SHIFT key and the use the same hand to press the symbol required without having to hold down the SHIFT. There are lots of other keyboard features you could explore. Look for an Accessibility icon under Control Panel.

Hope this helps.


How about the screen keyboard which you operate with the mouse?

! only tried it out for th€ f¦rst time today and I d!d all thi$.



i know what you mean about the grammar nazis!

however i still mentally correct the mistakes i see so i’m a wannabe grammar nazi!

ah going to have to slap myself.

Thank you every one. I’ll try and find the screen key board, didn’t know that existed. However Cheerful Dragon has helped me by simply drawing my attention the right shift key, I’ve never realised what it does, DOH!

How do you turn off Sticky Keys on Windows 10?

To enable this shortcut, the Shift key must be pressed 5 times in short succession. This feature can also be turned on and off via the Accessibility icon in the WindowsControl Panel. To turn off once enabled, just simply press 3 or more of the Sticky Keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Windows Button) at the same time.

This is how to turn on Sticky Keys on Windows 10