Kesimpta Long Term Side Effects?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

My wife has been on Kesimpta since May 2023. She’s constantly been told since then that the side effects with get better.

However, she still feels awful for a week - two weeks following her self-injection.

She’s so fatigued and says she feels very flu-ish following her injection.

Should this have calmed down by now? She’s got an appointment with her MS Nurse in early April and I’m planning on putting my foot down somewhat to make them listen to her (they have a habit of dismissing her concerns e.g. her pain).

Any advice would be gratefully received as I have to advocate for her due to her Autism and massive phobia of everything medical!



I suffered a similar situation and my Neuro said that he didn’t know anyone else that had side effects !!!
I refused to carry on with Kesimpta/ocrevus and now trying to figure out where to go regarding treatments available.
Theses drugs are strong and are not going to agree with every patient .

I hope you are able to get things sorted .

Take care