Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi everyone, i feel like a bit of an intruder here, i have an appointment with the neurologist in 5 long weeks time and could be barking up the wrong tree entirely but thought i would introduce myself as i’ve been reading your posts for a while.

I have been having ‘symptoms’ on and off for a few years, i’m almost 48 and about a month ago my right hand went numb to the point i couldn’t use a knife and fork or button up my sons shirt. I went to the GP last week and told him i also get my speech mixed up a lot and have a mad flicker on my eye intermittently. He said he would refer me as he couldn’t make a diagnosis from those symptoms alone.

I’m quite worried and feel like a hypochondriac all the time so coming on here help me a little.

Thanks everyone for listening. x

Hi Sumslady and Welcome You’ve come to the right place for a bit of support, so don’t worry about thinking you’re intruding 'cos everyone here is either in the same boat, or has been in the past. There are a lot of conditions that mimic ms type symptoms - not all serious ones either - so your neuro will want to rule out those first and foremost. The best way to try and think of it is that each test you have is another step closer to finding out what the root cause is. It may take a while, but on the other hand it may not, unfortunately there’s no telling, as it really does vary for each of us. If you’re a worrier by nature try not to google your symptoms, it can just make you feel even worse and is probably nowhere near the truth anyway. Try to stick to official sites like this one and the ms trust, at least that way you know the information is correct. Nearer the time of your appt it’s a good idea to make a brief but concise list of your symptoms, starting with the worst and most troublesome. It can also help to take someone with you too. It’s a lot easier to say than do, but try not to worry too much. Stress can just add to things. Hope that helps a bit. Debbie xx

Hi, no need to feel like an intruder, you will be welcomed. Good to hear you have got an appointment, I know 5 weeks will seem like a long time but you are heading in the right direction. Good luck with the appointment and if you have any questions I am sure you will get some answers on here.

You’re very welcome on here Sumslady…

Debbie has given good advice… whole bunch of things that have similar symptoms… so it’s a case of wait and see.

But this board is very much for people in your predicament… so come on here to get support, ask questions, make friends … etc etc. We all understand.

Pat x

Thank you all so much for your comments and great advice. I don’t think my husband will be willing to come along as he doesn’t like hospitals and is rubbish in situations like that, might persuade my wonderful sister in law to accompany me.

Lovely to speak to you all, and thanks for your understanding.

Ang x

Hello from me too :slight_smile:

Karen x

Hi there and welcome. Yes, do try to have someone accompany you to the appointment as it helps to have another pair of ears to take in any info that you may miss. Good luck with your appointment.

Hello :slight_smile: I would also recommend taking someone with you. I was really not happy about being told on my hospital letter to bring a ‘carer or family member’ with me but I am glad that I did take a friend because she was able to listen all the time whereas I tuned out when things got a bit scary! x

Hi from a fellow newbie. Like you i find the posts here really helpfull and informative and tend yo use this site for information and advice rather than googling symptoms and getting scared to death. I think I have been pretty lucky with the spedd that i have been able to get tests done, full spine MRI, brain MRI and nerve conduction tests all done within 4 weeks and I am going to get results from the Neuro Consultant later today, although I have already had a heads up (excuse the pun) that they have found “some areas” on my brain.The waiting is the worst thing I agree and I hope you can get some answers quickly. However you feel about a possible diagnosis of MS, in the long run it will help to know what is wrong so that you will now how to move forward and get the help you need. Good luck with everything and let us know how you get on. xx

Hi bunnythecat, thanks for your comments. Your route to your appointment today has been speedy considering but bet its not seemed overly quick for you, good luck with your appointment today, let us know how you get on. Ang x