Just to be different... I love the new forum!

Yes, and I hope I’m not alone. I find it easier to use than the old one, but then I’m used to using forum made using phpBB. And all sorts of other ones, which were mainly better than the old MSS one. Which was very old, tired and out of date to be honest. I hope people give the forum a chance. It’s not perfect, I find the default font size too small for example. But following the advice of holding down the Ctrl key and using my mouse scroll button I’ve changed the font size. I much prefer the pale background as I find it difficult to use very ‘busy’ websites. That’s a personal preference, but I can understand that that’s not the case for everyone. I love smilies! and I’ve managed to find an avatar to use. I searched for images using Google, picked one I liked, viewed it and copyed and pasted the url. I know you can do it other ways, but I can’t remember how now.