Loving the new forum.... (Brog64)

Hi All, At first I was fairly lost on arrival in our new home but I have been exploring and now I am really enjoying it. Some of the common grumbles, which I shared on arrival, seem to be that there is no way of seeing who the original poster is as the Board only shows who posted last. Thanks to StevieLion and Verona I have adopted their suggestions by adding my user name to the Subject line so if we all do that, problem solved :!: As for as the text being too small in the posting boxes if you hold down Control on your keypad and then hit + repeatedly the page will zoom in to a level you are comfortable with. TBH I do this all the time on every web page, even over at our old house because my eyes are so crap. Now I use a Mac so I’m not sure about the next one for PC users but I can dim my screen by pressing the dimmer key on my keyboard. I don’t know where this would be located on a PC but I am guessing that if you go into Settings there must be a screen brightness adjustment to reduce the glare. Hopefully a PC user can add to this :wink: But overall I really like the layout, the availability of emoticons, the ability to add links etc, the changes to colour and size. And I love being able to preview my post before sending… And I love the Quote facility. Give it time folks. Change is always a challenge but PLEASE don’t stop coming until you have given it a really good go!!! :smiley: The only thing that still seems to be a glitch is that the email notifications of new posts aren’t coming through even though I have done my settings correctly :cry: But for me it gets the thumbs up :!: Cheers, Belinda :lol: