Just had a call from the DWP...not amused with hubby.

My mobile just rang and being useless on my right side couldn’t get to it quickly. Was still in bed, hubby is still laid up in bed with gout and he can’t get me up. The phone was on the bedside locker on his side. He just laughed and thought it amusing that I had to clamber one sided getting into a right pickle to get the phone. It took ages and I ended up facing sideways on the bed. He had the tv on and didn’t turn it off for the call. Of course it was the DWP about my DLA claim. I asked the man to wait as I had to adjust myself. I told hubby to turn the tv down. The man was polite and brief. He asked me two security questions; what is my date of birth, what is my GP’s name. With these two answers imprinted on my brain I answered them perfectly well. We’re these a part of the interrogation? He wasn’t interested in the MS but the epilepsy. He asked how many seizures I have and if I still have them. I fumbled around answering these and got to twice a week. But I have had three a day. All this is true. The call ended and I blew at hubby. What would Mr DWP make of that? Pat

Can’t really give you an answer but twice a week/ three times a day distinction sounds irrelevent to me, if you’re having seizures that often you need supervision. Which is probably part of the reason they were asking, since it is relevant in many questions regarding your assesment.