Just got back from REHAB!!

Had an appointment at the Rehab and Assessment Clinic this morning. 10am. Drove myself - and as l could not find a parking space in hobbling distance - l just abandoned my car on the double ‘pink’ lines near the entrance. l was seen by a lovely physio - as soon as she felt my calf and thigh - she said ‘your muscles should feel like soft dough that you can knead - yours are like Ryvita crispbread’.

She said ‘how did you manage to walk in here on your own’. She spent a whole hour stretching and bending my leg - massaging the muscles till they did become like dough!!! l said l thought she would put me onto the exercise machines - but she said my muscles did not need strengthening but stretching. She measured the angle of my knee [ which l cannot straighten] and it was 30 degrees out. after all of her work it measured 10. Now it was agony!!! - and to be truthful l could have screamed - but you know when pain is ‘good pain’. When it is really necessary to improve ones lot. They are sending me another appointment - and l hope it will be soon - as l know what she did has made a difference. She recommended l put hot wheat bags on my muscles to warm them before l try to do the exercises. Now, this is not my MS leg - this is what l considered my good leg - which l have relied on to help me stand and walk. Now knackered. Waiting for a knee replacement op - and it is 14 weeks since my hip-hop. Just hope my reservation to join Strictly is still on the cards.

Well, the saying ‘no pain-without gain’ is so so true. So shall not be ebaying my horse-riding apparel and dancing pumps just yet!!!

Oh Frances, you are such an inspiration! you can teach us all a thing or two in guts and determination.

No, dont hang up your jodpurs, or dancing shoes just yet.

As much as I love Strictly, the start of the programme makes winter arrive!


Oh dear, I’m sure I’m messing up my good leg by walking with the rubbish one, it seems to mess up my hip (even my husband has noticed I kind of throw my bad leg out in front of me!

I have been pretty down about my complete absence of dance (not surprising since I had to stop teaching it!) but I was considering my options on this the other day, I reckon I could muster a ‘lazy walk’ given that dragging my feet is a essential part of walking now :slight_smile: lol

In all seriousness tho, I realised a few weeks ago that I couldn’t touch my toes any more, not through the possibility of falling on my face either but the muscles are just too tight now. 5 months ago I could put my palms flat on the floor.

I WILL start stretching again, so thanks for reminding me that I’m neglecting my legs, mainly out of bad tempered spite too.

Sonia x

Hey Frances hope the pain is easing off a bit but well done to the Physio for noticing that the muscles needed stretching out. The more they get manipulated and stretched by the Physio the easier it gets. You do make me chuckle and your positivity is always amazing. I see you strutting your stuff on strictly in no time! :slight_smile: Karina x

Sonia, Over the years [31 with ms] l have messed up my ‘good side’ by over compensating - lifting and dragging the useless ms leg. l fell and fractured my ankle a few years ago - ending up with enough metal parts for a meccano set. Now with a newly replaced hip - and now the knee is ‘on the list’ - l feel l have got to get going again. This morning l did do the exercises the physio gave me - whilst still in bed. And once you get over the first agonising pain of stretching the reluctant bits - you know that it is only doing good. This morning l managed to walk across the kitchen and into the loo without my rollator. l really do feel more like l did about 5yrs ago.

The physio did phone me yesterday afternoon to say l could have another appointment 5th Sept - would have liked to have seen her before then - but never mind - l might see about seeing one privately to keep up the good work.

Whilst at the rehab clinic - the nurses brought several elderly patients through from the ‘wards’ to give them help with getting back on their feet. One elderly gent - they almost picked up and put onto an exercise bike. As soon as his feet were in the pedal straps - off he went. The look on his face said it all. l joked with him and said he could get himself a paper-round.

This morning l used my thera-band - the stretchy band l use to use in yoga class. l hooked it around my foot and pulled the leg up as far as l could. Then when l got out of bed l hooked the band over my shoulders and caught it around my ankle and pulled the foot up to my bum to stretch my hamstrings - like you see athletes doing - except they can just grab their foot and do it.

Decided not to wait any longer for the nhs -about getting a walkaide fes - l am going to go privately - l will be able to try before l buy. Not wasting money on something unless it actually does really help. But lf l didn’t have to keep hoiking up the leg with the drop foot - my balance and walking gait would be much improved and perhaps l will not fall so much.

Feel inspired today. Does you good to know that you have’ turned around ’ something negative to positive.

Oh, good on you! I am definitely starting stretching again, I’m also gonna ask about FES when I get the chance too.

I hope you have luck finding some good physio, I’m still waiting to hear about my neuro rehab, it sounds like they have quite a waiting list though…

As luck would have it, I do have a freebie slot to book up with my osteo - she’s the angel that wrote to my GP saying I needed an MRI when I saw her after my first fall in December.

I’ve spoken to her since my diagnosis as I emailed the clinic to say thank you and she was stright on the phone giving me her number - she said that MS had been her worst fear for me. She encouraged me to book in for free and go in for a coffee and a chat, once things had settled down a bit and I had a better idea what’s going on. She certainly did help me earlier in the year but was reluctant to do too much in the way of treatment until the MRI results were back. I think it’s probably time to do that now :slight_smile:

You’re completely right about over-compensating - this numpty here had no clue about MS and was convinced that the difficulty I had walking was due to injuring my right foot about 5/6 years ago. I knew I had some ankle damage from that and it wasn’t til I saw the osteo I had an inkling there was more to it. I mentioned it to a GP about 6 weeks before the fall and she ordered a B12 bood test sigh That’s why I think my osteo is so amazing, without her I’d have probably ended up in A&E eventually!

So on that note, I really hope you find a good therapist, they are complete treasures - even when they hurt you it usually sort of feels good too :wink:

Sonia x