Just diagnosed

This is my first post so I will start with hello Just thought I would ask a quick question, I had my first episode in November 2011 and I was admitted to hospital for a couple of weeks, I know that I am lucky to have been diagnosed so quickly I have relapses every couple of weeks is this normal ?

Hello Helen and welcome,

The one thing I have learnt about ms, there is no such word as normal, we are all different and it affects us in different ways.

I’m sure others on here will join in and give you their experiences.



Welcome aboard the fun house. The main thing I would say is that there is potentially no such thing as normal when living with the MonSter. I am not sure about the amount of relapses you are experiencing but just wanted to welcome you


Hi Janet Sorry normal is the wrong word to use my ms nurse keeps telling me that thanks . Helen :slight_smile:

It really depends what you are calling a relapse, you may well be having multiple relapses but it is also possible it’s the same relapse that has never gone away because you havn’t been diagnosed until now so haven’t been taking steroids to help you recover from it.

I think I have had about 3 relapses since June last year, Steroids helped me recover from the initial big one which basicly stopped me walking about much and the more recent two have just calmed down on their own after a couple of days.

Hello Willie Thank you, I have had 8 relapses since November, sometimes I think that it is in my head lol… Helen :slight_smile:

Hi Helen, welcome to the forum. When I was first dx 6 years ago this site and all it’s lovely people were a godsend . I have learnt there is no “norm” with ms. Karen x

Hello I have not been prescribed steroids, I have been given rebif. It could be the same relapse with good weeks and bad I will ask my gp when I see him next week although not sure that I will get much from him I am his first case with ms. Thank you Helen :slight_smile:

Thank you Karen It’s actually nice to talk to people who are experiencing the same thing and don’t look at you as if your dying lol Helen :slight_smile:

Thank you Karen It’s actually nice to talk to people who are experiencing the same thing and don’t look at you as if your dying lol Helen :slight_smile:

Welcome Helen.

You will find lots of great friends and advisers on here.

Take care

xx Maria

Hi Helen, Technically, it doesn’t count as a “new” relapse unless it’s at least 30 days from the previous one, so I’d say it’s all the same one, which is hanging about. Alternatively, it might be residual symptoms, which never quite go away, but which are mainly noticeable when there’s a trigger, such as when you get hot, tired, stressed, or if you have a cold, or other minor infection. Oh, and periods tend to cause a surge in symptoms for a lot of us gals! It’s not a proper relapse, because it goes away when the aggravating factor has gone. Tina