my 1st relapse

Hi just had my 1st relapse since i was diagnosed with MS in march this year, started off feeling a bit dizzy and thought i had just caught a bug or something but later it just got worse until i was at the point of nearly being physically sick because of it, my joints become so sore but the worst thing was my speech i couldn’t come out with a sentence without mixing my words or slurring. My wife phoned the doctor and i was seen within an hour and he has put me on steroids and that was 2 weeks ago, Is this a normal relapse because as it was my 1st i had nothing to compare it with but thankfully most of the symptoms have gone now apart from the joint pain and my doctor has started to lower my steroids so i am on them as little time as possible, i have a meeting with my MS nurse on monday to talk about it and see what happens next but things have become an awful lot more real now after it

Hi Billy

To be honest, that doesn’t sound like the relapses I get. With me, it’s always greater muscle weakness in my legs that’s the main tell-tale sign of a relapse. I’ve never really had a problem with my speech, but then a friend of mine has just had a relapse, and it was his loss of speech that was the main thing. But that’s the thing with MS - it’s so variable, and we’re all different.

But I know what you mean about things feeling more real. It’s easy to get used to things the way they are, and to think that it’s always going to be like that. But if something like a new symptom or relapse comes along, then it can shake us up a bit.

I hope you have a good meeting with your MS nurse. As it’s all new you may have lots of thoughts & questions going round your head, so it could be a good idea to write them down, and then you can ask them when you have your appointment.



its possible. i had huge relapse 2 1/2 years ago affecting many things including speech which has still not returned to 'normal.

dan has given u good ideas.

have good chat with ms nurse-we are all different, ellie

hi thanks for your quick replies, had my appointment today with the MS nurse but when i arrived i was told she was off sick so i had to speak to one of the MS specialists and they told me my symptoms of my relapse were quite common even the speech problems.

They have decided to try and take me off the extavia injections but first they have to test me for the JC virus to see if i can take Tecfidera instead but that can take over 5 weeks to get the results back so i will just have to wait and see, the specialist was excellent and she is even trying to send some books about MS to my 2 daughters to try and make them understand what is happening with me.

All in all i feel a lot better about things after the appointment, Billy

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Thanks for the update Billy, and glad your appointment went well. Hope your recovery goes well.


good to hear that billy.

now make sure you go from strength to strength or at least from weak to slightly feeble to start with

carole (a slightly feeble one)



glad to hear appt was beneficial for you

don’t know how old your daughters are - they don’t have to be told - if you’re doing o.k. I would keep quiet.

Hey Billy,

My symptoms are predominately related to speech.

During my first relapse I Literally could not string a sentence together. After steroids It helped, I still slur a bit and have word finding problems. It’s annoying as I know what I want to say, but can’t think of the word- or I say the wrong word. So embarrassing!

MS is multiple. Everyone’s different

Danielle x

Hi Danielle that is pretty much exactly the same symptoms and the steroids helped me pretty much get back to normal with my speech but i have had problems finding the correct words and the same with names for a long time maybe even a few years before i was diagnosed.

Thanks krakowian the thing with my 2 daughters aged 6 and 14 they are at each other all the time and the stress of it really affects me to the point where i have to leave the room, i cant really explain it but it makes me feel awful and stressed like i cant handle it, my wife has tried explaining to both of them that they have to stop it but they cant help themselves, i was in hospital at the start of the year getting my lumber puncture and steroids and i was meant to be in for about 4 days and it was bliss just me and 3 other people in the ward and it was so quiet and relaxing i didn’t want to come home