Just diagnosed, starting a DMT.

Hi all.

So after five years of tests and uncertainty, I was finally diagnosed with RRMS in December. My neurologist wants me start on a DMT asap and talked me through the various options available to me.
I’m still waiting to hear from an MS nurse, but in the mean time I’m leaning towards Copaxone. I was hoping someone here my be able to answer a few questions I have at the moment.

My neurologist gave me a DMT information sheet, it says Copaxone is a daily 20mg injection, however after looking at the manufacturer’s website I see that there is now a 3-times-a-week 40mg option. Does anyone know if the 40mg option is available in the UK?

I’ve read that Copaxone can cause itchiness and swelling at the injection site, is it safe/effective to take an antihistamine to help counteract this?

After I’ve seen the MS nurse and come to a decision on which therapy to go with, will I have to wait for another appointment with my neurologist to have it prescribed?

What happens with used syringes? I’m thinking I must be supplied with a sharps bin to dispose of them, how is this emptied/disposed of?

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide.

Hi dave I have been on copaxone for 8 months and I inject daily I have heard about the 40mg injection but I was not offered this. But if u r interested I wud ask ure nurse. I do get itchiness and swelling at my injection sites I don’t normally take antihistamines but if its really bad I do and have been told by my nurse that it is fine to take them. I just made the decision with my nurse and then went back when my order of copaxone arrived to b shown how to inject. So I didnt have to see the neuro about this. As for the needles u will get a sharps box and when I collect my new delivery of copaxone I leave in my sharps box for disposal when it is full… Hope this helps and good luck with ure injections! Charlene

Hi Charlene.

Thanks for the info, it helps a lot.

My main concern with Copaxone is the daily injections, I’m also considering Avonex because that’s only a 3-times-a-week injection, but the side effects of this sound rather unpleasant, 3-times-a-week Copaxone would certainly be more attractive if it’s available. I guess I’d get used to the daily injections over time and it’ll just become a part of my daily routine.

Thanks again for the info, I hope you’re doing well.


Hi Dave,

I used to be RRMS & the drug I decided on was Rebif, injected 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday & have the weekend off! When I first started, the side effects were feeling flu like symptoms that faded away after 12/16 weeks, other than that I had no side effects at all the whole time I was on it. I have now moved on to SPMS & sadly there are no DMD’s to help.

Good luck with your choice

Rosina x

hi dave

i went on copaxone straight after diagnosis.

my best tip is to keep your skin in good condition, it helps the needle to go in more easily.

7 years later my injection sites were so bad that my ms nurse changed me to tecfidera which is a twice daily tablet and it is fantastic!

good luck

carole x