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Just diagnosed at 40

Newly diagnosed with ms , I feel releaved I’m not going mad or being a drama queen just need to get my head around it all now

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Jane, it is a relief to have a target to learn about. All the best

I was 38 - not much younger than you - when dx with aggressive RRMS. I’m 60 this year and, thanks to 20+ years of increasingly effective DMDs, doing better than I would have dared hope. Take heart, and good luck.


Definitely thankyou

Hi Jane,

I am 44 years old and was diagnosed on the 30th December. Still unsure how I feel at the moment really, but yes, relieved is one of them. One of the first things I did was contact a woman I worked with 4 years ago to tell her that I’m wasn’t being anxious or depressed or a drama queen when I lost my car twice in one week, fell asleep at my desk and kept bumping into the doorways! (Not that she thought that anyway).



Hello Jane

I’ve just answered your other post. Ignore that one as this thread has more input from others.

Welcome to the forum.

For so many people, having an MS diagnosis ultimately is a justification for all the various symptoms you’ve experienced over time and as such can be a relief.

Then that relief is soon followed with ‘oh, hell, what now?’ Plus, ‘I know nothing about what’s going on in my body!’

Let us know how (or if) we can help you (Foxy too) with your new ‘you’.



Hi @Janepeacock
I’m in a very similar position to you, newly diagnosed at 39.
I get the mix of relief, dread & panic.
Still think I’ve got a lot to learn but definitely relieved that a)I’m not going mad b)there is treatment and c)im not alone in this.
As I said, im new to this but please get in touch if you want to chat.

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