just been diagnosed

the first i knew i had ms was afteri had an mri scan to find out why i had lost sight in my right eye…it completly went within a week and was very frightening…lookig at the symptoms of ms i realise i have had this for sometime without knowing what i had…what i really need to know is how long my eyesight will be efected for…after 3 days on a steroid drip it came back slightly but how long befor i get full vision again…i want to get back to work and be able to drive again as soon as i can

Hi Zoe Everyone is different I’m afraid some can be weeks some can be months even with IV steroid treatment, just another symptom that you have to let run it’s course. I was 12 weeks before my eyesight fully restored and that was with IV Steroids Sue x

Hi Zoe,

I’m afraid to say no one can answer that question Not a Doctor or a fellow MSer. Like Sue said, we are all different and our bodies all recover from a relapse at different speeds and to different levels.


hi sue thanks for the reply…i spose i have to be patient then,the other symptoms i can deal with being as i have had most of them for 2 years…but at least now i know why i have felt so rough all that time,just hate not being able to see…zoe x

Zoe I know where your coming from I had my ON not long after my son was born and I swear making his bottles were a nightmare always used to put an extra scoop in to compensate what I’d thrown on the worktop! Lol Try remain positive & just think it could be worse it will get better just give it time Sue x


i had on for 12 ish weeks-no treatment. after wearing glasses for 20 years i was then told my eyesight was perfect (a year after the on)

eyes due to be tested on Sat-wonder what the outcome will be this time!

ellie x


This happened to my husband over 30 years ago. He was not diagnosed at the time, so there is no way of knowing whether it was MS related or not. But my point is that he lived and worked normally until his late 50s, so just because you have a diagnosis there is nothing to say that you will not make a complete recovery. Everyone is different, the key is managing the symptoms. Until they come up with a cure that is.


just an update really…after i lost sight in my right eye i was given iv steroids for 3 days then sent home…my eye sight improved very slightly but after 5 days i noticed my other eye was not quite right…within 7 days i was back in hospital after loosing 90% of vision in both eyes which was scarey…i again had 3 days of iv steroids followed by steroid tablts…i was in hospital for 7 days in which time i had a lumber puncture another mri scan and loads of blood tests…i didnt think i wud have any blood left the amount they took lol…i now have to wait for an outpatients appointment while they wait for the results of all the tests to come back i was told posible ms or ms related. my eyesight is gradually coming back…but everything seems so bright especially florecent lighting…is this normal…