Just a tip.

Just thought I’d share how I’m keep the temperature down.

1 fan

1 large glass bowl filled with cold water

1 ice pack or ice cubes placed in the bowl.

stand the bowl in front of the fan and turn to max.

lovely and cool, even the dogs decided it’s the place to be.

good luck one and all keeping cool.

Sounds good. Thank you!


If you had the means to do it you could maybe take this method to the next level, I think. If you had a big plastic tub that you could fill with water and fit in your freezer, and something like a plastic tray to stand it on to keep the condensation off your floor, that would further cool the air from the fan, wouldn’t it?

It would be down to the logistics of having the space to freeze the tub in the first place, but a 2lt ice cream tub might do the trick? Once one was frozen and in use, another could be in its place in the freezer getting ready to replace it.

Disclaimer: Would be a massive hardship to have to consume the ice cream first, so I am fully aware of the totally negative aspect of this suggestion.

Have any of you tried using a plant mister/squirty bottle set to mist and sprayed towards the fan? It doesn’t reach the fan, and blows back onto you and cools you brilliantly. Obviously, the more bare skin the better! Only downside is that one squirt doesn’t last long so you have to keep re-misting.

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Mind you, second thoughts, I’d rather try Jellysundaes suggestion - any excuse for ice cream…


I’m happy to be an enabler, Loretta!

I’m trying it myself as I have 2 empty 3.4l food tubs, one’s just gone in the freezer, with any luck a decent amount of the water will have frozen by the time I go to bed later. I shall report back tomorrow. :slight_smile: