Juice Plus

Can anyone tell me if they have tried Fruit Plus Supplements (From USA)? I have been asked to try this as it good for MS. I beleive this is a scam. Can anyone confirmed?

i have heard of a few people who swear by sour cherries supplement (holland and barrett)

they say it makes them sleep. has melatonin in it.

carole x

I mean from USA Supplier.

In what way are they supposed to be “good for MS”? Had a very quick look at the site - they seem to be no more than glorified vitamin supplements. Whilst I think supplements may have a role, particularly for people who are deficient and/or may not get all they need from diet, I can’t really see why one imported brand would be any better for MS than any of the others out there.

I don’t know if it’s a “scam” exactly. You probably pay for vitamins, and get vitamins. But I’m very sceptical whether they’ve got any special value for MS.

The only vitamin that’s (so far) strongly implicated in MS is D3, and you can probably buy that much more cheaply as a standalone vitamin, without also paying for a load of other stuff you don’t want or need.

B12 is another one people with MS tend to be short of, so some people like to take that as well. But again, it’s almost certainly cheaper to buy it on its own, than wrapped up as some sort of miracle supplement.


Little bit more, from Wikipedia:

Although Juice Plus claims its products’ efficacy is backed by research, critics have argued that there is no scientific proof that Juice Plus offers significant health benefits and that deceptive claims are used in the product’s marketing information. Some marketing claims made about Juice Plus products have been disputed by consumer watchdog organizations and governmental agencies as misleading.

Also, it’s a multi-level marketing scheme - what we in this country would call “pyramid selling”. That means there’s an incentive to pull more people in, and get them selling. Typically, only a very few at the top of the pyramid get rich, and those at the bottom lose their investment, because there’s nobody left who wants to be “in” who isn’t already.

I’d steer clear. If you want vitamins and minerals, there are plenty of outlets, without having to buy from over-hyped U.S. multi-level marketing schemes.


I totally agree with you, which my thought are the same as you.

Thanks for your advice.

Love Kerry