JSA or benefits

Could I have some advice or comments please? I lost my job 6 weeks ago and went on JSA. I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but felt so good on leaving work that I told the MS nurse that all was well and I was feeling better than ever. No symotoms and depression gone.

I had applied for DLA as a matter of course and haven't got a decision yet. I don't know if I am entitled or not.

Then suddenly out of the blue, I lost my right arm and cannot even hold a pen with that hand let alone write. I am dragging my right leg and falling as along with the dragging leg I have developed a balance problem.

I have very depleted energy and cannot sustain any effort for very long and each time I do something, even the washing up, I have to lie down for about 45 minutes to recover myself.

This must be a relapse. But I am claiming JSA and cannot look for a job in this state. What should I do?

My husband is unemployed too.

I am signing on tomorrow.


Hi Pat

Get a sick note from doc and apply for ESA NOT JSA. If you get DLA care at middle rate you can also get other benefits as passport.
The first 13 weeks are waiting rest after that main phase. Before 13 was you will probably have atos medical. If that happens pm me.
Start gathering evidence of condition, doc, neuro…etc. alo look at getting a social services assessment for direct payment, and home mods.
Enclosed links may help

Hope this light reading helps


i have just ended up on jsa insted of esa (very very long story) and i actuly get more money on jsa than i did on esa because of the disabilaty enhancment. Its only an extra £25 but as tesco’s say every little helps.

I am currently on JSA and DLA I looked into ESA but because its less money than JSA I didnt bother changing to it because I can work as long as I am sitting down and you get more JSA because you get DLA

You can make a joint claim for ESA because you are both sick or because one of you claims the other as a dependant.

Getting ESA as a couple means your husband won’t have to sign on and if his JSA entitlement runs out soon it saves you messing about with Income Support.

Now as to the 12 month thing. You are entitled to ESA for 12 months based on your NI contributions (unless you get into the Support group when there is no time limit) After 12 months you have to transfer to income based ESA. For many people this means they would not get any money because their partner’s wages pop them over the income limit. But your partner does not work, so unless you have other income and /or savings over £12,000 you will get income based ESA and can continue claiming for more than one year.



I get incapsity benifit and dla at a higher rate u are entitled to these sort of things