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Hello All !

I have a job interview in a couple of weeks. Although I use a stick now, I am not kean to tell any new employer about my condition. I know about the law etc, but in the real life we all know that MS is a downer or prospective employers. Any advice ? I have been out of work for nearly 10 years and desperate to get my career back. should I leave the walking stick at home, or should I tell ? Any help welcome !

I see the dilemma at hand. Personally, I’d stick with the stick :wink: it would be strange to be going into your first day of work and then bring it… Lots would be asked then plus they might feel betrayed. Better to be honest. Good luck.

Take the stick.

Went to see the Stephen Hawking film and have used one of the lines from the film a couple of times.

When asked what was wrong with him he replied with ‘it’s complicated’ nothing else to say.

Good luck with the interview.


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If you need it normally, I’d take the stick. Interviews are nerve-wracking enough, so you should be trying to make yourself as comfortable and confident as possible. It’s a bit like NOT wearing a brand new suit on the day - it should be something smart, but which you’ve worn before, so it doesn’t feel all new and strange.

I’d say the added worry of doing without something you normally need, and possibly falling over in front of everyone is something you can well do without.

Better to turn up with a stick than fall over on the way, or actually in the building. I think it’s very unlikely they will ask about it, as it’s rude, as well as probably illegal.

In the unlikely event it does crop up, I’d resist any temptation to fib (e.g. the “old sports injury” story), as that could certainly backfire if you get the job, and it becomes obvious you lied. But you could acknowledge an unspecified “neurological problem” - which is true, but sounds less scary than “MS”.




If you can manage I would go without the stick. If you went with stick and didn’t get the job you might think perhaps it was because of the stick… And no of course it shouldn’t be - but life ain’t fair and rules sometimes aren’t followed.

very good luck

Min xx

If you feel more confident when using the stick, then perhaps you will notice something not quite right, and be more nervy and risk a possible fall.

Best use your stick. If they do ask why, you could say MS, or a mobility need.

Its one of those situations, when youre damned if you do and damned if you dont.

Good luck.

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