job hunting for the disabled

-is a nightmare. My son has applied for well over 200 jobs and only ever once received a rejection letter from BUPA. He has had phone calls stating they would like him to do a trial to see if he could cope, even after that, one company said no on the spot and this latest one rang and told him they would ring back in a few days as he had got the job!. Guess what, that was 4 weeks ago. My son rang them last Saturday who told him to hang on in there, they would ring. The job is supposed to be starting next Monday!!!

Ive told him I seriously dont think he has the job regardless of what theyve said. Ive helped him send an e-mail last week asking for further details, terms and conditions - again no reply.

I then googled to see what others find after interviews…was shocked to learn that promising a phone call is common and that most never hear anything ever again.

What is wrong with the world of work, dont they know how to put things in writing or are they deliberately messing people around when they know they have learning difficulties/disabilities. Well Im not sitting still, Ill wait till the job was supposed to start then Im taking myself into the establishment, phone on sound and asking them outright if they intended to mess around with my sons head. Hes walking around in anticipation nievely thinking they would do as they say?

Has the world gone mad? Ive not met many who seriously dont want to work yet the government keep harping on about there are jobs out there and that people prefer life on benefits. Well my son doesnt and wants a darn job only the prospective employers wont respond in any way other than fobbing off and next year hes probably going to be penalised further. Talk about psychological abuse from all angles.



Sorry Bren, but I’m not convinced it has anything to do with being disabled. There are so many applicants chasing one job these days, that employers just don’t bother to reply, if your application hasn’t been successful.

I’ve only just recently begun applying for jobs (only applied for two so far), as I’m expecting to be redundant on Thursday or Friday of next week.

I thought the two I’d applied for were well within my capabilities, and nowhere did I mention MS. No acknowledgement at all!

This week, to my annoyance, I see the same two jobs are being readvertised - so they obviously didn’t get anyone. But they didn’t even contact everyone who’d applied, because I never heard a damn thing!


Hi Bren and Tina. Bren, I had hoped that your son would have heard by now and I still have my fingers crossed for you and your son. When I applied for jobs back in 1993 or so when things were as bad as they are now I applied for very many jobs and i didn’t know I had ms then so it wasn’t an issue. Some companies wrote a very nice letter thanking me for my application but saying no, some wrote a letter turning me down after interview but very very many never replied at all, either after an initial application or an interview. Yes, Tina , I have also seen jobs re advertised after I had applied and had never heard from the company. In my opinion, it is very bad manners, and for someone with learning difficulties, it is , to me, doubly unacceptable to mess your son around like that Bren. Bren, still sending best wishes to you and son about this and Tina, good luck with your job hunting.

Hi Yawn

What this company is doing to your son is disgusting like you say it is getting near the day he should be starting. There is no excuse they can give if he doesn’t get the job. Some of us should get together on the day he should start and let them know what think of them, name and shame them in the paper. If possible go more than one day all they had to do is say sorry but no.

I know of people who can’t find jobs but I know of some who can’t wait to sign on, it should be sorted. If the government hadn’t sold all of our assets things might be better.

The only people I say anything about the ms to is the occ health dept . I found when I was open and honest I didn’t get looked at twice. I didn’t tell my manager about the ms until I had been in post for about a year. She was shocked and said but your sick record is perfect. Ha ha one point to me I think

Dear Bren,

Been there, Done that (even before I was diagnosed with MS!). The only job that I could do after diagnosis was ‘seated’ answering phones for Sky - I lasted 8 years! and there were about 6 others - their identities were not divulged because of ‘privacy’ about MS?

At 56, I had been to fee-paying school, colleges’ and University and even reached the status of ‘Director’ but things went downhill after diagnosis of MS - I’m ‘resigned’ to ‘staying at home (and claiming very low benefit)’ - thank-goodness my wife is an Optician.

I know how it feels (even without MS) - At 56, I don’t expect to work again? - but your son is much too young to have to put up with that! - I don’t have any solution but just writing this to let your son know that he is ‘not alone!’ - what are ‘they’ doing with the millions of ‘£’ spent on ‘looking’ for a cure? - All the fancy paperwork must be costing a ‘bomb’ (and keeping hundreds employed!) - thanks for writing this!


Well I must eat my words, the Manager of this company phoned my son this afternoon and hes starting work on MOnday!!! Wey hey!! Thats not to say that there arent thousands out there all wondering the same as I did, why no letter, why no job specs, no terms, and in fact why no speak whatsoever. In this case he has heard, after a long delay, but I would honestly recommend anyone searching for a job to keep looking if theyre promised a job, because like us, theyll be on the edge of their seat until a decision comes through. I must have aged 10 years through all this worry.

Hes been 1 year 10 months searching, applying and only got approx 5 interviews in all that time. God help us when this PIP comes in and the government whip states we are not disabled enough for help. As I understand it, lots of msers will be affected?

I think jobhunters will have to use all the ploys going making sure their not discriminated against and that their prospective employers do as they say, if not expect an explanation. I was going with wellies on stomping through their company until I had answers! Good job I didnt do it today eh.

Take care fellow msers,



Take care all,



Dear Bren,


Best, Marcus.