Finding a job

Hi all hope everyone is feeling ok , i have just come back from a week in iceland with my husband and i managed fairly well didn’t slip on the ice as husband did and was well looked after at both airports , anyway i have come back feeling like i need to try and do more with myself and try and find a partime job or something but dont know where to start and how do you go about letting people know about your MS and all the joys that can bring , my mobility is not good but upper body okish but i have no skills other than being a chef and not many places will let you sit down and cook. Any thoughts or suggestion most welcome

Thank you and take care all


Hi Katy,

if if money is not the over riding force behind wanting to get a job have you thought about volunteering? I got the feeling from your post that you were wanting to find a job because you had succeeded better on holiday than you had expected. I am involved in a couple of organisations and it’s the best of both worlds. I get the boost from actually doing something (getting out among people etc) but none of the stresses of paid work. My disabilities are taken into account and people know that I can’t do everything - but I CAN do some things.


Hi Katy, pleased you enjoyed your self in Iceland.the above post sounds brilliant, I volunteered for 2 years in a kitchen working alongside special need adults, it was brilliant. Picked my hours and days that I felt I could work, very rewarding. Not sure where you live but try going through social services if this is something you might interested in, good luck with what you choose.

Thank you both i think it would be some form of volunteering that would be best and will look around my area to see what is needed. Thank you