I have noticed when I’m at rest my rt leg will get a weird sensation though it then jerk like its trying to shake something off. If I try really hard and almost hold the leg or tense it I can stop the jerks but the sensation in my leg gets worse and eventually it does a massive jerk. Anyone else relate to this? A xx

Yep! I get this in my right arm and right leg. Like you, I can control it by concentrating on not moving it, but then it feels worse and eventually I have to let it move.

I also get what I believe is restless leg syndrome at night, but also in my body and arm. This is a similar feeling, but not quite the same.

Weird, huh?

Yes I get was dx as restless leg and you’re right its similar but worse and yes I’ve had it in my right arm occasionally too…

Was awake most of last night with a similar feeling to RLS but in my back…it was horrible. Was also getting bouts of uncontrollable jerking/twitching in my leg muscles…enough to make the bed vibrate!

I feel generally very tingly and buzzy today, not to mention exhausted from such a disturbed night!

Let’s hope we get some answers soon, eh Arwen??

I get these jerks too, there worse in bed at night or just sitting on the sofa.

I take gabapentin for this, could you ask your GP’s for some?

Also quinnine is meant to help with RLS - good excuse for a G&T maybe?

Leora x

I’m in sinemet for the rls but doesn’t seem to stop the jerks. Hadn’t thought about gabapentin. But a g&t sounds great :slight_smile: Axx

Sounds like a great excuse…unfortunately, however, alcohol makes me feel really lousy, so would have to be the T without the G for me!!

Had another horrid night with tingling, jerking, numbness etc, so am struggling again today with fatigue, balance issues and finding walking difficult. I also have pain and tightness in a ring right round my body just under my bra line, which tingles and feels numb on and off. Weird stuff!

Am holding off from going to see my GP as he wasn’t particularly nice to me last time I saw him. Am keeping fingers crossed I will get my next Neuro appt through very soon.

Leora, is gabapentin for jerking as well as nerve pain? I am asking as I am trying to cut down on my gabapentin and have noticed I am twitching/jerking more so wondered if there was a link. I don’t think it helps me much with nerve pain (I am in constant pain) and my neuro is concerned about all the pain meds I am on.

Yes, I am on the Gabapentin to help with neuropathic pain and my twitching/jerking. I am on 1800mg a day at the moment, although my neuro won’t let me go any higher - as apparantly too much Gaba can cause jerks!

There are alternatives to the gaba, pregablin and amitriptyline are two that spring to mind. If your GP is not very helpful, is it possible to see another doctor in the same practise - one who is more understanding? If your in pain then don’t wait to see the neuro, even if the GP can just help in the intirim, got to be better than suffering on? Good luck x

I;m om pregabalin, it has really helped with restless/legs and arms and jerks. worth a go x