Jeremy Marmite Clarkson

Greetings Dear reader.I hope you feel better than expected and that the weather suits you. The title says it all and if you saw the latest episode of Top Gear you know all about it. Mr Marmite and the boys have tremendous global clout and daring the motor industry to develop ‘cheap’ off road mobility scooters will have people thinking.The ‘traditional’ scooter could do with a $Billion re-think

If you didn’t see the programme,fair does.However, the piece involving wounded soldiers,big mobility gear,Top Gear home made efforts, blah blah blah was a good use of your licence fee. The gear the soldiers were using is expensive,but it is all ‘Flintstones Technology’ and the mobility industry can and do charge what they like…

It may sadden you, but people buy what Mr Marmite and his crew like and the motor industry may feel like doing a bit of research just to keep on his good side,and maybe get any offerings advertised for free

Incidentally, the thing that Hammond used was the chassis of Sir Killalot from Robot Wars and my Dad has the same thing. Hammond 's version was no where near as good as what I’ll make when Dad isn’t looking