Jealous but trying to make light of it for my own sanity

i took my hubby to the airport and he was obviously feeling bad as he was booking another golfing trip, so he said could (mentioned a friends name) go away with you. i then on the journey had to explain that some folks would rather not bother as it may include work that they could not handle(it wouldn’t) to cheer him up said I could go with another friend (male) at that he said you cant go on a break with a male friend, oh he is so old fashioned

I also asked first friend to look into horse riding at her local sables, still waiting, ah well back to the drawing board

i once was between boyfriends and had cancelled my holiday.

i was 19 and living at home with mum and dad. mum really wanted me to book another holiday but most of my friends had already booked. a couple of gay men at work said i should go with them. they went to spain several times a year and had a good crowd of mates there.

i felt really comfortable in their company but mum nearly fell off her chair when i told her.

i ended up not going but a month or two later i was in an electrical store with mum when my 2 gay friends tapped my shoulder.

mum was in hysterics laughing with them and thought they were the bees knees

she was sorry that i’d not gone away with them

now mum was a different generation so i can understand her feeling the way she did.

your husband is the same generation as you so i really dont think he has a case.

its an awful situation when you have to choose between standing up for your rights or having an argument with your husband.

i hope whatever you choose works out well for you

carole x

Lots of medieval societies behave like this (and worse) and if you live in a third world Country I expect you just have to go along with it. Have you considered emigrating?

Hi Carole

thanks for the reply, wish I had some gay friends because at the moment because my friends have flown to the hills and maybe hubby wouldn’t mind that so much

PS you cheared me up