Do other people hate holidays

I’m ashamed to be posting this (so it’ll be up unnamed). Am I the only one that hates holidays? I’m going off skiing with my family tomorrow. Well, obviously I won’t be skiing, since I have difficulty walking without falling over. And I’m dreading going away. We have to be at the airport at 5.20 am and I’m scared I’m going to hold everyone up getting dressed. I don’t think my husband realises how long it takes me to get dressed,

After that it probably won’t be so bad, I’m getting assistance at the airport, our room at the hotel is meant to be near the lift. I hope it will be alright but I am dreading it.

Hello love, no need to go anon on this subject, as I am sure there`ll be more than you and me who have the same kind of dread about holidays!

This year I am trying something different. I am going with 2 carers, to a hotel in Blackpool, which caters for folk with disability needs.

Theyll be supplying all the equipment I use at home, at no charge! Of course, you need to have carers who are willing to take a working holiday. I was hoping to get respite funding towards the cost, but that was unsuccessful. I am kind of half dreading it, incase it doesnt go well, but even so, I am also looking forward to it.

Breakfast time is worrying me, as it can take ages to get me up, showered and dressed and if loo time doesn`t go well, then getting into the restaurant for 9.30am at the latest, could be a challenge!!

Back to you, if your hubby is taking you on a holiday which you are unable to take full part in, ie skiing, why doesnt he ask what you would like to do?

Good luck and I do hope you will enjoy the hol.

luv Pollx

Hi Anon,

I don’t hate GOING on holiday, but I’m sure I’d absolutely hate a skiiing holiday. I know you wouldn’t want to stop family going, but at the same time, couldn’t there be some sort of compromise, that isn’t so obviously unsuitable for you? Or maybe even, if you can afford it, have one holiday where they go off skiing and doing their own thing, but another suitable for all of you?

I don’t have family holidays anyway, not having family of my own (and my mum won’t go anywhere). But I’d certainly be peed off if it was skiiing. It wouldn’t have appealed to me very much when I was well (never been sporty, athletic, or had good balance), but much less now!

I know they wouldn’t want to leave you out, either, but it does seem a bit pointless dragging you on a holiday where the main purpose is something you won’t be able to do. I know it’s too late this time round, and I hope you manage to have a nice time regardless, but can’t you all discuss it before next time rolls round, and make sure it isn’t bloody skiing again?



Hi Anon… well yes and no really. I won’t go abroad. The very idea of getting to the airport, getting through the airport etc etc just exhausts me!!! Luckily I travelled a lot pre-MS so don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Little holidays in England… yes I like those. A few day (2 or 3 nights maybe) at a hotel at a nice seaside I can manage with a friend who drives. If it was trains or boats or planes… forget it. Nothing that demands being at a certain place at a certain time! FAR too stressful!

Have you thought of just telling your husband how you feel? Hard to get out of this one admittedly… but from now on maybe he could go with the family for the skiing & you could all have a family holiday together in the good ole UK? Or they could go skiing and you could not bother with a holiday at all. If you hate them, why bother?

Try telling him how you feel… you are certainly not the only MSer who hates holidays.

Pat x

Hi, I suspect your dislike of holidays is this particular holiday and also the fact tha you have ms which poses difficulties to you that make you like holidays even less. I can understand where you are coming from. I also do not holidays. However for me this is nothing to do with my ms or the additional difficulties my ms poses for me. I’m just not too keen on holidays but for me this dislike stems from the fact that I lived abroad when I was younger and we also went on a lot of holidays. As an adult I think I’m just fed up with holidays. For me there are too many hassles involved with a holiday. I do go on holiday with my husband and two children but we stick to Britain. I tend to dread going in the week before we go and then once we get going it is fine. Maybe you will be the same tomorrow. Cheryl:-)

Hi Anon, Don’t be ashamed…I hate them too…all that effort just to be somewhere else…no thanks…not these days. Pre MS I loved to travel but as I got worse the novelty seemed to wear off. These days my own bed and my own sofa hold more attraction! I sometimes wonder if a cruise would be less stressful but, unless our lottery numbers come up tonight, I doubt I will ever be able to test my theory! Nice to know I’m not the only one though. I do agree with the others who have suggested that whilst it may be too late for this trip, you need to tell your husband how you feel. Hope the holidays turns out to be better than you are expecting…I do envy you the beautiful views…I love to look at the snow from the warmth of my sofa…I shall content myself with watching the penguin program on BBC…Monday evening. Take care and don’t be afraid to make it clear to your family how you feel Very best wishes Ng

Thank you for your sympathy. My husband took the children skiing without me one year but hated it and said he’d rather not go at all. I feel my children miss out on enough stuff because of my disease that I’m OK to go abroad once a year (summer holiday is always in this country). And I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels pretty much perpetual gratitude to my husband for all the things he does for me and the things my vile disease loads on him, which he doesn’t complain or make a fuss about. I’ve spoken to him a little about how hard holidays are for me, but I try to cover up how much I dread them, particularly the skiing one.

My husband and children are beavering away on the packing at the moment. He’s a bit grumpy because of all the things still to do. I’m glad I can write this - I couldn’t say it, even to friends. Feeling more philosophical about tomorrow already

I think you really have to choose the sort of holiday you want otherwise I can imagine it would be hell on earth.

Skiing would definitely not be my first choice, or even my second. Or third etc etc.

When you are on holiday as you want it to be and with the right company it’s a lovely experience.