Happy to Hibernate!

Hi folks,

Although I have no dx as yet I am happy doing my job (as a web developer) as it is desk based. I also enjoy my yoga classes and the coffee chats afterwards. In the evenings I just want to be a home watching TV with my kids. What I am really hating now is these black tie dinners I have to do with my hubby. I am only comfortable in trainers and even with that my walking style is dreadful. I really dont want to go to another as I feel so self consious and just dont enjoy myself. I went to one 3 weeks ago at the golf club and lisitened blow by blow to lots of silly old farts talk about their latest round of golf. I have another to go to next week and OMG another invite just arrived in the post today. I have tried to explain to my hubby that I dont feel comfortable hobblying along and people asking all the time ‘What have you done to yourself?’ His view is that I just need to get out and who cares if I am wearing a formal dress with trainers!

Moyna x

Hi moya, put your foot down (wearing trainers btw) and say you are not going!

Then when he is asked where you are, he can say you are stuck in your trainers!

Golf dinners sound posh and exciting, but if it`s just a bunch of old farts talking about their balls, then stay at home!

luv Pollx

Hi Monya I feel for you as I’m in a simillar position only mine is the service, I dont go to half as many do’s now I pointblank refuse to wear my flats with evening dress! Thankfully my hubby is very understanding of this and most of them know of my MS so he just apologises for me not been there, and they totally understand :slight_smile: Put your foot down with a firm hand and tell him how it is. Not easy I know but it’s about you not him and if your not comfortable he should respect that. xx

Thanks, but it is all so difficult. I keep hoping that this nightmare will end and I will get my legs back!

Moyna x