January a month of appointments

On Thursday I see my Neuro for the fourth time in 7 months the next day I see a Neurosurgeon as two of my discs are compressed too, next week I see a haemotologist, as there is some antibodies in my blood too, on the 28th I see my urologist for the first time and then the next day i see an Opthamlogist for uveitis…then my neuro is referring me to a neuro who specialises in MS, currently I’m being treated for epilepsy and probable MS, have had three MRI’s now, first one lesions multiple on brain, spine MRI clear third on brain still to find out, lumbar ok, ECG ok but he says he thinks it probably is MS but further tests.

​numbness started three years ago …right hip, knee joint, arm, the hip numbness has now spread to my right bum cheek and is starting to travel over the right side of my tummy

Bladder…feels full and when I go it’s a trickle…been screaming that I’m about to pee myself and when I get there a little trickle

Bowels…again sorry to be squeamish but sometimes both at once

Eyes…have a black spot on right eye and eye sight…can’t see when take glasses off

Heat, my husband and I always had a constant battle with the heating, he opened windows and I shut them, now I wake up because the heating is on and can’t tolerate it…but my right foot and right side of my body is cold

Walking…I was always a power walker with my kids saying slow down, now I sort of manage to get one foot in front of each other

Dizziness/Vertigo…this is one of the worst…constantly feeling like I’m about to fall down

Fuzzy heavy head…I can only describe it as my head feels like a bowling ball on my neck, some days even turning round, I am sure it will snap…I hate bowling head days…along with the fog

standing…have to hang onto things especially in queues

Memory, long term I can remember things, short term is terrible

Eye tics…again only on right side

Periods…May then December twice

Vitamin D and Folic acid, none, three month course cause had none

noise…if too much is happening I can’t hear, ie tv, kids talking, phone calls etc

i know some of you may say not all is MS related until June I had never thought anything about MS it was my GP and Neuro who mentioned it I’ve been told it’s not vascular and probable MS, which type I do not know but my Neuro is hard to understand …

but i have had the best dr doing the best tests, it’s not Lyme disease, it’s not vasculitus or fibromyalgia… Hopefully by the end of this week i might know more…should I write down questions this time and this time not leave without the answers, the fact that he’s referring me to an ms neuro does this definitely mean it’s MS at the moment he said probable.

I have always been active, banker, estate agent, lawyer, worked since 16, now 45, now doing volunteer classroom assistant, thinking of doing training is that a good idea, or should I learn to cope with this first.

Thanks not been on and posted too many times but read threads, feel for everyone on this forum…everyone is different, many thanks for any responses xxx

Forgot to mention, pain in groin if I move too fast, get out of car wrong way, and last two weeks, bloated tummy…on the plus side, I had a great Christmas and a sleepy fatigued new year, bed by ten for me lol, xxx

Hi Fiona,

I definitely feel for you with all the appointments, I have worked out that so far I have 10 medical related appointments in 7 weeks

(not all of them MS, but the majority are). I’m exhausted already just thinking about them.

I hope your appointments go as well as they can and you get some answers.

Take care x

as the doc told me ,diagnosing MS is like a jigsaw,look at ur past and present ,and eventually get diagnosed,but hope u get all the help u need after seeing all these docs

Sorry, forgot to mention one of the points of my reply!!! I was dx in Oct with MS, so getting answers does not mean

you get less appointments, its more in my case Only 2 of the appointments are not for MS. When I get to the end of Feb, am

gonna count up how many appointments I’ve had in a year - poss round about 50!!!

hi fiona

i can’t tell you whether or not it’s ms.

re your bloated tummy - are you taking gabapentin because that is the culprit for my bloating.

horribly uncomfortable!

carole x

Pigpen the bloating just started before Christmas, I have ulcerative colitis to, which apparently is auto immune will speak to my neuro tomorrow and see if I’m having a flare up of that x