It's not ms its anemia!!!

Had a call from the gp I saw last week (not my regular one) and she said that my blood tests show I’m mildly anemic and this is what has caused all my symptoms

Now I know it can cause tiredness and diziness but I have never known it to cause pins and needles or inability to walk properly.

So all of you who have ms symptoms try taking iron supplements it may cure you

Ahh thats good news I have just been reading up on this for another forum user:

It can mimic MS symptoms.


Not convinced mild anaemia can cause such drastic symptoms. On top of that I had a blood test a month ago and it was fine whereas my symptoms have been happening for months.

Guess I am on my own now and just have to put up with it.

No Nikki you dont have to put up with it.You are well within your rights to go and see another doctor at another surgery if that is your wish.

You do not have to just sit down or lay down and take there opinion.Honestly if your worried go see another GP.


No point really she has made up her mind and thats it. I mentioned my last test being normal and the fact that I was having problems then and she said it wasn’t relevant.

Feel a fraud here now so will leave

Hi Nikki,

I have been very anaemic a few times…I had headaches and could not sleep…I did not have pins and needle and numbness and dizziness.

Hope that helps.


Nikki please dont leave,your still welcome and I am sure we can do with your support even if it is a few kind words to other users of the forum.



You have every right to be on here…I too have been told I don’t have MS…I’m still on here…Keep posting.


Hi Nikki x how confusing and frustrating for you!

Did she say what type of anaemia it is? If I were you I would make an appointment to see the GP and ask her to treat you for the anaemia - make sure you ask how long it will take to put right with the appropriate treatment - monitor the effect on your symptoms - if it works - great!

If it doesn’t - then go back and expain that you have followed her instructions - has not eased your symptoms and that you would like eanother blood test/further tests to rule other things out xxxxxjenxxx

PS - don’t go anywhere!!! xxx

Hi Nikki

Don’t leave, so far I’ve been told that I have epilepsy, then diabetes, then cerebral palsy (yes, really!), then CFS, then anxiety disorder - can’t wait to hear what they will come up with next week! I look forward to proving them all wrong and find this site an absolute godsend, it’s tremendous support. Stay with us, this site is a lifeline Dianne x

Hi Nikki, not having MS doesn`t bar you from this site.

Take me for example, the nupmty neuros are a joke at my local neuro dept.

This is what i have been subjected to so far

1999…first saw neuro…PPMS suspected

2003…95% dx of PPMS

2010…not MS, but HSP

2011…not HSP, but probably PPMS

2012…not PPMS, but SP

I`m now awaiting an appointment with a top MS doc in Leeds.

…watch this space. Fun, innit? Not!

luv Pollx

Hi Nikki

Dont leave! Its been fun talking to you.

I bet you still have loads of questions and in my experience GP’s are very often wrong!

Teresa. x

p.s. I have had anemia before but never had pins and needles either!!!

Teresa. x

I think Nikki is rather upset and I am sure Nikki will return with us very soon.

Gosh its so hard at times and stressfull.

Hi nikkinakkinoo, When I first saw my GP about four and a half years ago, I was tested for anaemia and found that I had it like you. She said this explained my weak legs, dizziness etc. They didn’t get better with iron supplements (although some symptoms did). So, eventually I returned to the GP and was referred to the Neuro and finally got a dx of MS. It may just be anaemia and iron supplements may really sort you out. I will be really happy for you if that is the case but if this doesn’t happen return to the GP and push for a Neuro referral. Hth Teresa xx

hi nikki

i agree with everyone else and you should stay, you will still need the support and im not sure anemia would cause all your symptoms. ive been anameic in the past and im still ill and i know im not amemic now

sometimes the medics say things just to try and stop you worrying but all they really do is make you feel silly for continuing to worry and if they take you seriously then they dont show it (in my experience) and anyway if you were that anemic wouldnt they have got you into hospital for a blood transfusion ???

please stay

love mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I’ve been anaemic a few times, very anaemic, which caused extreme tiredness but no other symptoms. It was a knock-on effect of (undiagnosed at the time) Hypothyroidism but now diagnosed and being treated with Levo and I had a course of Iron tablets. I felt marvelous within 6 weeks or so. However, the symptoms I have now are nothing like the symptoms I had when I was anaemic. This feels like something totally different, which I am sure you know only too well yourself.

I know how it feels to feel a bit of a fraud and it’s very common to feel the way you do before a firm diagnosis has been made.

I felt like that before I was DX with TS (Tourette’s syndrome) when I was joining in on the TS forums and I know loads of others felt the same before their DX of TS.Take a little time for yourself. I am sure you are very frustrated by everything right now and it will help you to stay in touch with the people here who are very supportive and kind.

Hang in there :slight_smile:



Wow what can I say, the support is amazing here. Thank you all.

Am sorry for my strop yesterday I just get so fed up with everyone telling me different things. She said I was only mildly anaemic and its a week until I see her so she can’t be that worried.

I have a neuro appointment next month so I rang to cancel it, I didn’t want to waste his time. I told his secretary why I was cancelling and she rang me back later in the afternoon saying he still wanted to see me.

Now I am totally confused and unsure where to go next, if all my problems were caused by anaemia I would be really pleased but I just can’t see it.

Again thank you


Thanks Claire, I’m a bit of a control freak so all this uncertainty is doing my head in!

Claire I know what you mean, my last GP made me feel like it was in my head. I wish it was

As for post its!! The meds I’m on make my memory rubbish so we have post-its everywhere, a big diary and 2 calenders! Everyone knows if its not written down it won’t happen lol

Finberry Hi. Im fairly new in limboland as well. You could be right that its both. I think some doctors seem to enjoy peeing us off!

The spoiling bit sounds great, just got to fit it in with 3 kids, 2 dogs, hubby and all the stuff that goes along with it!!