It's not ms its anemia!!!

Just keep in mind that the avaerage GP does not have a clue about neurological conditions.
If you are lucky, you have one who will admit that they don’t have a clue about neurological conditions, and refer you on.
If you are really lucky, you get a Neurologist who is thorough.

It is all the tests that help with the Dx, and a good Neuro (the thorough one who wanted all those tests) will look at all the results and then make the Dx.

Stick with that Neuro if you can.


Oh yes it can I just spent 4 days of total 100% hell acted like a flare kicked my ass like a flare I was VERY low… CRAZY sick.body pains walking problems all of it.

When Im very low( just was 4 days of hell)I am so beyond sick it makes MS look like its fun…All the things MS can do and more. Joint pain,dizzy,walking All of it. whew crazy sick.