not sure where to go next

Really need peoples advice

I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia in August, I was given 6 loading doses of b12, but things have gotten progressively worse.

A friend of mine mentioned about it possibly being ms.

My symptoms are , constant fatigue, dizzy spells whilst sitting or standing, not able to walk long distances or without a stick, Brain fog, pins and needles in my feet and hands,tremors, spasms in my legs and back. constant ongoing headaches, double vision, I suffer with depression and type 2 diabetes.

My depression has become worse , Im not sure how much more I can take of not knowing what is wrong.

Ive had to leave my job as I was unable to carry on.

Im feeling very isolated and often feel Ive let my family down.

Do you think these could be symptoms of ms and should I push for an mri… Im having a ct scan on 19/12/18 and am waiting on a neurologist referal

Any advice is much appreciated as I feel this is my last option.

hi tiby none of us can diagnose you. i would chase up that neuro referral, by phoning the secretary. i assume you were referred by your gp, in which case s/he could chase it up too. i know that you need answers but i must warn you that an appointment with a neuro is just the first step on a sometimes very long and often bumpy road. the neuro must follow the macdonald criteria which often means a not ms verdict. leaving your job has left you isolated. get in touch with old friends and colleagues to see if they would like to meet for coffee. you haven’t let your family down at all, it just feels like that. it could well be one of a myriad of diseases which mimic ms. are you being treated for your depression? if not ask your gp for something. please don’t continue to feel so despondent. hopefully Sssssue will be along soon with sensible advice. meanwhile i’m sending you waves of love through the ether. carole x