Second mri results ... Ms /anaemia

Hi … Can anyone help shed any light? After my second Mri I am still no clearer to know what’s happening. My first scan about 18 months ago showed so many lesions they couldn’t count them all… The radiologist said possibly demyelination but was sitting on the fence as to whether is was ms or not. The neuro said its '50:50. I’ve just heard from my neurologist that my second scan that I had a couple of weeks ago shows little change. He is showing it to an Ms specialist but is now wondering if the fact that I’m always anaemic ( unless I’m taking iron) could be causing my symptoms. Does anaemia cause numerous lesions and abnormal reflexes etc? I am currently being treated for anaemia (again) but the overwhelming fatigue/ numbness and pins and needles etc have not improved . My right leg now never feels ‘normal’ and I still have raging pulsatile tinnitus. I was so hoping to have received a definitive answer after three years but no such luck! My gp wonders if I’m anaemic because my body can’t store iron and that could be to auto immune problem… Anyone else have anything similar? Thanks x

Are you iron deficient or b12 deficiency ? They can be two different things so I have been told. If your b12 levels are low it can cause symptoms mimicking Ms, you may need a blood test for b12 levels and anti intrinsic factor? This is what is mixed with your food in stomach which enables the vitamins from your food to be absorb into your body, without intrinsic factor you don’t absorbed making you b12 or folic deficiency anemic.

also you may not store iron in your body as well,

i only this as this is what I am being tested for atm, I do believe that it does cause dmyelation but i think the brain scan shows leisons are not nesserary Ms related. Xx

good luck x

heidi x x

Hi Heidi… I’m being treated for iron deficient anaemia but my hg was 8 , which the doc says isn’t that low to cause all my symptoms. Not sure what b12 levels were … I probably need to check with gp!

I don’t think my body does store iron as every time they raise my hg with tablets I’m back down low again within weeks once I stop.

Even though they are no wiser I am now being referred to an Ms specialist so hopefully his eye on the scans may help. I suppose that with all those lesions, my worry is that if it isn’t ms… What is it?! X

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I agree, that’s very well explained Heidi.

Just chatted to neuro secretary who said my b12 level is 400 so within mid range of normal… Guess it’s not that then…

Glad you looked into it Hun,

hope you get answers soon. X

Its just something that seems to go unseen sometimes x