MS, B12 or both?

Hi there

Having read some of the posts about Vitamin B12 on this site, I asked my GP when I needed a routine blood test for another reason, if I could be tested also for B12.  I have now add the results which show I am deficient - I have a level of 175.  I am now awaiting the results of a second blood test to test my intrinsic factor levels which I think tests if I can absorb B12 in my food - I think this is called pernicious anaemia?

Now I know B12 deficiency can cause symptoms which mimic MS.  I also understand that there is some evidence that people with MS tend to be low in B12.  My diagnosis was clinched when oligoclonal bands showed up in a lumbar puncture last year. 

My question is does Vitamin B12 deficiency cause OGC banding in which case is my MS diagnosis likely to be withdrawn?  Or is it more likely that I have both MS and B12 deficiency? 

Either way I will probably be offered injections which hopefully will reduce the tingling which has been a recent symptom for me - since Christmas, and perhaps help with fatigue.

Any thoughts anyone?




B12 deficiency can't cause oligoclonal banding so you'll have MS and B12 deficiency (it's actually pretty common).

I hope the injections work wonders happy2

Karen x


I was finally diagnosed with MS in December last year and in February I got a phone call from the MS nurse to say that bloods had shown I was also B12 deficient.  It makes sense for someone with MS to use up more of their B12 stores because it is used in nerve repair including repairing the myelin.  I'm not sure if I was tested for intrinsic factor because I stupidly never asked (should have known better being a dietitian lol).  I got the injections (6 over 2 weeks and then it will be 3 monthly) but to be honest I'm not sure if now my deficiency has been sorted out whether I could just take it orally from now on,  I really need to ask about that!

The injections are a little bit sore, but I did feel slightly more energetic after my 2 week course.

Hope it works well for you.



Many thanks for your comments Lynn and Karen.  I will let you know how I get on.