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After three MRIs, one lumbar, one ECG, and various neuro appointments…it’s not MS, you have T5 and T6 and T11 and T12 compression and a bulging disc…also you have antibodies in your blood so you are being referred to a haemotologist, you will see the urologist tomorrow as your bladder is not working properly, you will see the neurosurgeon in two weeks because your discs are compressed and you have a bulging disc and an Opthamlogist, the day after your see the neurosurgeon, as you keep getting black spots in your eyes, also I will get you a MRI of your lower spine, as there is something going on…in the meantime the lack of vitamin D and folic acid is nothing to worry about, fatigue, dizziness walking on sand, blah blah, do I get a second opinion…I know a lot of people have waited years for a diagnosis…I had a seizure in March, but numbness of over three years and other symptoms like eye tics etc…as I’ve posted before…don’t know what to do happy at being told it’s not MS, but not entirely convinced…any feedback would be appreciated…I just don’t know…so many people have been misdiagnosed or not diagnosed…please help…still feel in limbo, because words don’t change your symptoms xxxxx

hi fiona

even if you don’t have ms, you sure have a shed load of symptoms!

talk to your gp, say that you need advice on how to move forward.

keep a diary of symptoms and see the gp when you get any new ones.

this information will then be put onto your medical records which will help if you are referred back to neurology.

until then focus on symptom management.

bladder is fairly easy - get referred (or self refer) to the bowel and bladder clinic.

you can help yourself by doing pilates or yoga.

maybe try mindfulness meditation - i’m a big fan of it. it helps you keep things in perspective.

do something that makes you happy every day.

carole x

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