Its driving me nuts


Sorry if im repeating myself but the running water sensation is driving me nuts. Its on my legs, arms. feet, back and even stomach sometimes. I wonder why its sometimes constant and then it eases off for a while. Im on gabapentin for nerve pain but it does not help this.

Is this something that will ease off totally eventually or will it always be there? i know thats probably difficult to answer as everyone is different but in your experience how did this symptoms affect you and for how long.

Thanks Christine

I use to feel as if I was walking on wet bubble rap, weird or what! Try sending a different sensation down the affected area. Ultimately occupy your brain an something else, don’t permit it too much thought. Possibly not explaining this properly but the ‘monster’ is a *******!

Take care, be safe M

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I think we are thinking on the same lines here…sometime i run my finger down the running water leg and i can feel my touch further down the leg or sometimes the other leg. I am trying not to think about it and other time im trying to make sense of it…like what does it mean…especially when the running water feeling is happening in several places at once.


Do you take any pain killers, like pregabalin or gabapentin? Neuro pain is all the messed up messages really, so maybe they’d help… I’d speak to your MS nurse

Sonia x

Hi Christine,

I too used to be driven totally mad by weird sensations all over my skin,even under my toe nails which was enough to drive me crazy!

Gabapentin didn’t make any difference but I did find, quite unexpectedly, that it completely vanished after I started taking LDN. Maybe worth trying?

You’ll find all then formation you need on the LDN Trust website.

Take care,

Nina x