It's confirmed!

After losing my job at the end of June last year, I wondered what was to become of me. Most people wouldn’t even know I have ms, although I’ve been diagnosed almost 12 years now, but my lethergy and brain fog contributed to my previous employers dropping me at the end of my 6 months probationary period. Apparently I wasnt a good fit in the company! Obviously I took umbridge to this but I decided not to persue a claim for unfair dismissal, although the CAB & ACAS thought I had a strong case… 6 weeks after losing my job I found an office based position, in my village, working for a web based photographic retailer - but another 6 months probationary period. At 3 months I called a meeting before they fired me, as I was struggling. My employers were fab and helped put strategies into place to help me succeed. My 6 months is up next week, but I was invited to a meeting today, which ended up being cancelled due to how busy we were and is rescheduled for tomorrow, but the good news is they told me not to worry as my job is safe. Pheweee!!! My new employers know I have RRMS and have been really supportive. I’m so glad I’ve found a company who can see past the label. Thanks for everyones support when I needed it, almost 8 months ago. Shaton x



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Good news. Long may it continue x

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That is good to hear.


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I am really pleased for you ! The support of employers is so valuable, I work full time because I have a really good support network and adjustments in place that, like you, help me succeed. Shame on your previous work place ! We are still people with skills and knowledge to offer. I really hope you continue to manage and prosper for a very long time …