Lifes a b!tch as they say

Ok, i was unemployed for 5 months I think then by the grace of God i get a permanent job in IT. Previously i had been contracting. Now why the aggressive heading? Back at work, spent 2 and a half months building there test department only for the 2 of us to be let go at 2 and a half months. Reason? Incredibly bland “thanks Paul for all your hard work we have decided to take the company in different direction. We will make sure you get a good reference” surley to God they cant do this? (And i know the answer in legal terms is no protection for the first 2 years). So back on the scrap heap again for me. Oh, and the added pressure of a wife who says “why you again?” As if its my fault, good job (bad choice of words there) i have a very dark sense of humour.

But there must be some sort of protection for the able bodied disabled people (or the walking wounded as one other MS sufferer described me as).

Sorry for the rant, just dumping a lot of what i feel like today


I know it’s cliche, but when one door closes another opens; I just just take everything nowadays as a blessing in disguise, meh!

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I get where you are coming from, i really do but the banks are not so understanding still got about 17 or 18 years to go on the mortgage. To paraphrase my wife “why me?”. Like i dont have enough to deal with rrms

I remember when I applied for mortgage b4, the advisor asks:
Q: What would you do if you lost your job?
A: Find another job.
If you’re not working, it’s a good idea to sign-on in the meantime, because you start going into arrears of NI contributions; I made that mistake b4 by not signing-on.

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Hi Paul

I am so sorry this has happened, I was so delighted when you got the role. If I can help again with LinkedIn. Please let me know

It is what it is i guess. I probably will pick your brains about linked in again, hoping that with it coming into April and new financial year something will stick soon. I hope

If you need to clarify your employment rights, these people should be able to help.

MS legal advice service | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (

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I am more than happy to take you up on your offer to make my linkedin look smart again, i don’t envisage too much work needing to be done to it but you never know

What rotten luck. I’m really sorry.

Ach just ranting. While it might not be technically illegal it sure is unethical in my eyes anyway. So job hunt continues today, applied for a couple already…heres hoping

I replied via email

Hey. We are on the same boat. Yes, I am trying with linked in too. It’s been almost a month and no luck so far. Good luck.

Sucks doesnt it but best of luck in securing a new job.

Yes, I am on Linkedin, with 20000 connections. If anyone needs to connect, please private-message me.

I hear what your saying but banks dont take thst point of view