It's a Wonderful Life

Here is a case, admittedly from 2016, that was a feature in today’s I paper.

Nothing new, of course, but another example of the heartless and pernicious approach taken by the DWP. It also illustrates the advantages of being well known and articulate. The great unwashed would have to endure the drawn out, demeaning and gruelling appeals process.

An interesting read, nonetheless.

We are forever thankful for the bounty and good grace of Saint Esther. Praise be!

Not the Jimmy Stewart film then?

There was a similar case concerning a former high profile civil servant and the sympathetic press he received. Not at all like us scroungers.

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It was a reference to the film. Unfortunately, no guardian angel has materialised yet to change my lifeline to one devoid of MS.

I live in hope.

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who is saint esther?

rantzen or mcvey?

should we be praying to her?

sorry, being a bit silly

BBC Radio 4 runs a 15 minute profile of someone who, for good or ill, has caught the attention of the media during the previous week. The programme is cunningly titled Profile.

This week we were blessed with a hagiography of the holy Saint Esther. It was not a rose tinted eulogy and it did dwell on some of her more well known outpourings.

For me the most telling comments emerged from a former BBC producer. The BBC employed her before she jumped ship to ITV. The following is my paraphrase of his summary of her estimable talents. An undistinguished jobbing presenter showing little empathy, or warmth for, the people she interviewed.

Perfect credentials for her current job. I wonder if his glowing reference was a game changer for Mrs May when she decided to anoint the saintly Esther as Secretary of State for the DWP?

Just off to the Food Bank…

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