Esther McVey refusing to meet disabled people!!!!

Just read on the above website that Esther McVey (who is meant to be minister for disabled people) refused to meet with disabled people. Sorry but that is her f*****g job. Who does she think she is. It is just disgusting and I think they should both be sacked.

I am aware the link doesn’t work but if you copy and paste it into your browser you can see it.


Hi Claire, When I watched the Budget, the camera focused in on her a few times and I nearly threw myself at the tv. I cannot stand her. All she has done is cause discrimination. I will not be awarded a damn thing because according to the rules, I am not disabled enough. As soon as I walked out of the Neuro’s room, I was considered disabled but I won’t get any help and I desperately need it. I am going to see CAB during half term to get advice before I apply for anything. I get upset and stressed every time I sit down and look at the forms. I have had MS for years but only diagnosed a month ago. I have always worked since a teen. I am now finding things very hard but because I can walk, I have to go away, crawl under a rock and not appear until I come out on wheels. She needs to let others find money from cutbacks and leave us the hell alone! Can you tell I’m cross? Sam

Yeah, she’s a very different worm to the one that used to court publicity and talk at anyone she could, when she was a TV journalist. Loosely defined, of course !! Xx

I’m another one that cant stand her! When she was on the C4 Dispatches programme, she was telling so many lies about DLA etc I ended up crying after shouting at the tv at her, she made me so angry!