New minister

So what are the thoughts on Ester Mcvey?

Is she going to be helpful for us all? I think I remember her getting involved a while ago but not sure what or why though.


Take a look at her voting record. “Consistently voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability” Voting record - Esther McVey MP, Tatton - TheyWorkForYou

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Oh Bugger

Buckle up everyone, this could be an uncomfortable ride.


Blimey, bumpy is right … the cabinet reshuffle may not have gone well for us !

If you thought IDS was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet !!!

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The real problem is this Governments inhumane policies and doubt a new minister will make any difference. Even the United Nations considers the treatment of disabled people in the UK to be a humane catastrophe. Britain is no longer a civilised country – the UN’s disability report confirms it | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

This is the woman who was involved in the PIP negotiation and, at the last minute, changed the agreed 50 metre mobility standard agreed with all agencies to 20 metres. No consultation. She is one nasty piece of work.

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Hi Charlie, does it matter who maggie may puts in office, every single tory will drop “matter” from a great height onto the disabled, the unemployed, the poorer workers heads as soon as possible, Brian

Brian - I am pretty sure you are sadly correct!

Oh dear, another toxic appointment to cheer all of us benefit scroungers and skyvers.

Here is another article from the Huffington Post to add to those added by Whammel.

​Just think, we could have had the seemingly more humane Justine Greening.


Yeah, I agree with everybody saying that this is one more stick to break these camel’s backs… well, it ain’t going to! Heels dug in now… rude words to the lot of 'em and the horse they rode in on. We are stronger than any of them, and we’ll ride it out until this sorry shower is got rid of and we stand a chance of getting someone who may fight our corner. We are the MS Warriors and cross us at your own peril!