Does anyone suffer from itch, for myself, it would be my scalp, for which i now shave my head every 2 days and then secondly i have an itch rh-side top rib. Apply creams but no relief and occasionally shaved scalp for relief and caused bleeding. May not be ms related, just curious. Ty


I get manic itching too…it is MS related. The best thing that I have found is Lanacaine cream…it seems to settle down the nerve endings.

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Hi Ty, Yep as Nina says, it’s MS related. Enough to drive a person mad!!!

The itching on your rib might be MS ‘hug’. That usually causes pain (it’s spasm of the small muscles between the ribs) but can sometimes show itself as itching.

Try taking paracetamol or ibuprofin and see if it helps.

Doublebase gel can also help. Your GP can prescribe or you can get it at a good price on Amazon.

Hope you get some relief… I know how maddening it can be.

Another home remedy that might be worth a try, is to rub sensitive toothpaste into the itchy area. Apparently it dulls the nerve endings that cause the itching. I know it’s good on shingles so might help. (plus you’ll smell nice and minty!!!)

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Pat xx

Ty to you both,at this point i will try anything. Still find it amazing that the “minor” ailments can be the most annoying. But I’ll be trying out each option. Amazing i work in a hospital and you have both provided the best solutions. Again, big ty and very merry xmas ( instead of aftershave,I’ll be getting toothpaste from santa lol)

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Hi Ty

My gp prescribed diprobase which helps as well. It is yet another symptom of ms (as if there arent enough), I agree it is so annoying, and makes it sore with scratching.

Hope it eases for you.

Pam x

Ty Pam, im familiar with diprobase, use it for my son. I’ll be able to try it later after the head shave. Thanks for recommending and merry xmas. Mark

I thought the ‘Ty’ was your name!!!

Shows how un-cool I am!

LoL… and yes I know that means Laugh Out Loud and not Lots of Love!!!

Pat xx

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Oh sorry, I thought your name was Ty, same as Pat did!

As you can probably tell, computer language is not my forte!! My grandchildren would laugh uncontrollably if I tell them about this!

Pam x

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Been called worse but not as funny, I’m sorry but it’s too funny to not let people know. TY for brightening my weekend. MARK aka Ty