itching! !!!

Hello. Ok so this is the second day of almost continual itching!!! Its driving me nuts. Going to get my hubby to smother me in either the steroid cream the Dr gave me or calamine lotion. Anyone else get this and hav any suggestions? Kate x

The itching could be nerve related - are you on anything for nerves is gabapentin etc?

Hi Kate,

I’m sorry, but if it’s neurological in origin, I don’t see how creams or lotions will help. There is nothing actually wrong with the skin, and creams can’t penetrate to the brain or spinal cord, which is where the problem really is. I would say you need some kind of neuropathic painkiller, or possibly to raise the dose, if you’re already on one.



Haha, sorry 'bout that - I see Karina beat me to it. Must have posted while I was still typing.


Thanks guys. On gabapentin so will up the dose and see how that goes. Kate x

Hi Kate,

I find taking antihisamine really helps, available over the counter.


Thanks Sue,

Didn’t think about that!! Normally take it for hayfever but haven’t had it for a few days!!

Kate x x