ARGH itching!!!!!

Hi all, It’s the middle of the night, I’m exhausted and itching like CRAZY!!! You know when you get an itch that makes you almost jump and you HAVE to scratch it immediately? I have that all over :frowning: Harumph. I’m just over 2 weeks into rebif. Started on the 8.8mg jabs and apart from being a little bit what we call “space cadet” I was ok. Jumped to 22mg on Tuesday, got first site reaction, temperature and splitting headache- all expected really. But what’s this darn itching? Allergic reaction? MS symptom? Side effect? Psychosomatic? No way to tell I 'spose. But it better bugger off soon grrr. Anyone had itching they’ve found a solution to stop the itching? have other people had this with rebif? Xxx

i’ve had itching since starting copaxone. the nurse at my gp’s surgery said it was a mild exczema and gave me double base gel which is brilliant. seems that my dry skin doesnt like ms or injections.

carole x

Ive pmd you


Didnt mean that meant txt…so sorry!

Hi There, Couldn’t believe it ive been up half the night itching too !! So so tired like you but I’m not on DMD’S anymore. Strangest thing has also been happening to me as well, when I stand on bare floor bare footed I get weird pains shooting up my legs !! Don’t know if any of these like you are ms related Xx