It seems like its MS then

Hi folks i posted a while back asking if anyone knew of a mistake being made between Parkinsonism & Dystonia to MS and after a few weeks/months ive noticed all the Drs ive seen and my Opthamologist say , this is the MS and this is how we will treat it , so im up beat that someone is moving in a direction , my Dr is an excellent Dr and has just prescribed me Zanaflex , i just wondered how many folks have a really weird sensation at night

It feels like an electric charge is building up then pain and almost involuntary movement of the affected limb , mine is my left arm and left leg and only at night , does anyone else get these ? as it keeping me awake every night until im usually exhausted and pass out somewhere around 4-5amish also , i am currently on month 7 of ON and wondering did anyone get lightheadedness with their Optic Neuritis before or after and if so how long did it last ?

I have tried Bacolfen and Amitrypline without any success in the form they did nothing even on the higher doesages , hence the change to Zanaflex , but the Diazepam works superbly but i try to only take it when absolutely in a state

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I get a similar thing but my jerks start with a prickly then intense itching sensation. It’s good you now have a diagnosis and are starting on treatment :slight_smile:

Hi, When I was dx with spms I was having myoclonic jerks that kept me awake at night and I was totally exhausted until I was prescribed Clonazepam and I sleep like a log now and it’s heaven. I still get the jerks during the day but nothing like I used to. HTH. Janet x

Thnx Kit yep a step in the right direction , many thanks Janet i really appreciate your info as when i did a search of what you said it came up with RLS and in wikipeadia it gives a description exactly as i had described earlier this day before reading it , so im going to see my Dr on the 7th and ask him what he thinks , this below is the extract and in bold is the words i used earlier :-

“Those with WED/RLS have a hard time describing them, using words like: uncomfortable, painful, ‘antsy’, electrical, creeping, itching, pins and needles, pulling, crawling, and numbness. It is sometimes described similar to a limb ‘falling asleep’ or an exaggerated sense of positional awareness of the affected area. The sensation and the urge can occur in any body part; the most cited location is legs, followed by arms. Some people have little or no sensation, yet still have a strong urge to move”

Hope this helps someone else too heres the link , i hope thats okay to put links admin , my appologys if not

Regards Sean x