It came with a vengance could it be?

Whoa not been feeling too clever all weekend me and both my kids had this 24hr sickness bug, however on Saturday night I coudl feel myself going down hill rapidly. By Sunday afternoon. I can only describe it as my body from the chest down felt like it was in concrete and my hands felt like they had been scolded. So I took myself off to bed, even the weight of the duvet was affecting me. Just got up from been In bed since 7pm yesterday and don’t feel quite as bad my legs are just heavy now and my hands just tingle. Would this be classed as a relapse? My legs have always been a problem since a relapse I had over 10 yrs ago - never felt like they’ve had full feeling in them.

Personally, I should think it’s more likely a reaction to having the bug, than a genuine relapse. The timing is suspicious.

Any infection can make symptoms temporarily flare-up. Some infections, particularly upper-respiratory ones, can trigger a REAL relapse. However, this is normally up to a few weeks afterwards, not instantaneous.