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Issue's began after first Pfizer Covid Jab!

Has anyone ever had stroke symptoms that resulted in MS?

Two week after first jab…

Background: I had an episode much like a TIA just over 6 months ago. After a hospital stay with not beimg able to walk for 10 days, I had an MRI which found a white mark on my poms.
My nurologist is testing me for inflammation, a stroke and MS. Had a CT and several MRI scans. He’s not happy it could have been a stroke as I’m ‘so called’, young, fit and healthy.

I’ve had heart and lung tests which have come back as normal.

Also, I’ve not had full mobility since leaving hospital in my right leg, has anyone experienced this? Apart from that, a few dizzy spells, fatigue and a few more headaches than normal. Assumimg these could be from going from 100-0 rather fast?

LP results ok, waiting on more MRI results.

Also, the cold seems to make everything worse.

I am also being tested for myosistis.

Any advice would be great.


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